Dulche De Leche Stuffed Puff Pastry Waffles Recipe

Today it’s going to be some delicious puff pastry does it little waffles only yes a puff pastry and some dulce de leche.


  • Puff Pastry
  • Some Cooking Spray


1I’m going to do is just serve them up with some homemade in the ice cream but you can also use da ball that is really up to you so right here I just have to slice of puff pastry like kinds of fit into my waffle machine.

2What I do is just add a good sum of total bitch in here maybe this year’s a bit too much i’m just going to take some it for one the other one because i don’t want to run out and all I have to do is just your voice is here on tough.


Just close it losing folk all the way around and now he’s going to turn on my wall machine and get those in there and I’m also grants add on some cooking spray yes so they won’t stick and where they’re nice and golden brown they are ready to be served with ice cream.