Devils Food Cake Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 4Hrs
Ready in: 4Hrs 15 mins
How to make Devil’s Food Cake .


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Salt Grain
  • Sugar Eggs
  • Coffee Granules
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate
  • Heavy Cream
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Parchment Paper
  • Small Saucepan
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks
  • Eggs



It is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s a really easy cake to put together. Let’s go over the ingredients. So we can get started l-leave all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, salt grain of the sugar eggs, instant coffee granules because water and milk semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream, unsalted butter that’s been softened and vanilla extract. That’s it get your oven preheated to 350 took a couple those are two nine-inch cake pans lined with some parchment paper and sprayed with some nonstick spray. Let’s get going first thing. I’m gonna do is we take a small saucepan and add my cream and I’m just going to bring that to a simmer and while that happens. I’m going to just cream together the butter and sugar in my standing mixer that I fitted with a paddle attachment now well actually making the frosting before we even make the well what kind of doing at the same time but you want to do the frosting first because it has to set for a couple of hours. I am just going to cream these two together and I’m going to crack my eggs and then we’ll be able to add them to our butter and sugar mixture my cream is to the right temperature it’s got into a slow boil but really more of a simmer.



I’m going to take and what I have here are some semi-sweet chocolate chunks and some semi-sweet chocolate chips that’s just what I had I wanted to kind of use them up. I’m gonna pour my cream over those and I am gonna just leave them be sit on the side. Let it be in the same pan because in a same saucepan or not. I’m gonna add my milk and my water along with instant coffee granules. Now if you don’t have instant coffee granules you can use instead using the water just to use the same amount of just regular hot coffee but I just have the coffee granules on hand. So I figured I’d use that I’m just going to bring these to temperature you want this to get nice and warm .I don’t want it to boil but I want it to be nice and warm in the meantime. I’ve got my sugar and I’ve got my butter. I’m going to add my eggs along with my vanilla. I’m going to let that beat for a couple of minutes. I want this to be really nice and combined in the meantime all. I’m doing is getting my milk and my water to get nice and warm. I know again. I don’t want this to boil. I want it to be nice and hot which it’s getting there it’ll be there in no time well.


That’s going I also turned off my water and milk mixture and smell that therefore leave it there just to cool a little bit. Now I can move back on to my frosting. I’m just going to take my chocolate and cream that’s been sitting for a few minutes and I am now going to whisk this and you’ll see it starts to go from really light brown to a deep chocolate color at you know the more you whisk it because it’s melting the chocolate. So once you have pretty much all the chocolate melted you are ready to set this aside that’s just gorgeous. Okay now you’re just going to set that aside for a couple of hours yes a couple of hours. It’ll get to the perfect consistency after that let’s move back on over here. I’ve got my eggs. I’ve got my butter and I just switch to the spatula. I’ve got everything combined well with the vanilla. I’m going to do is I’m just going to take my dry ingredients and just kind of mix them well briefly because they’re all gonna get incorporated anyway. I’m going to put half of my dry ingredients in here now and half of my mixture here and I’m going to mix that together and then once that’s incorporated I am going to add my remaining liquid and drying grease it’s really simple it’s a really easy cake it’s just a very rich it’s very decadent now tons of variations of this and tons of variations on what the frosting should be my favorite way is with that crossing. It’s almost like a candy bar if someone liked this chocolate bar.


It’s not too thick. It’s not too sugary. It’s thin yet decadent yet chocolatey, yet sticky with this exact quote, I think it should be when it comes to that so enough said it’s delicious adding the rest of my dry ingredients along with my what and I’m just gonna bring this up mix everything together and then my cake pans over here that looks fabulous now do not be alarmed. If this is on the thinner side, it’s not as thick of a batter like a normal chocolate cake would be but that’s normal that is the consistency of devil’s food cake. I am just going to take my spatula and I just you see that sometimes the very bottom doesn’t get mixed perfectly and I just take my spatula and run it along the side and now I’m going to divide this batter in half and put it in my prepared 9-inch round cake pans trying to make this as even as possible. I think they definitely have more in that pan that I have in this pan. So I’m going to put the remaining in here that’s it really, it’s very straightforward you can smell the chocolate oh well. I mean because it’s you added of one liquid it kind of woke up that chocolate and it smells divine mix that in okay now what I do is I just kind of tap. I’m going to pop this into a preheated oven to 350 for about 30 to 35 minutes or until they are cooled until they’re cooled. So they are fully cooked and then you want to let them cool completely which will take a couple of hours which is just the perfect amount of time for that frosting to get to the right consistency and then we’ll build ourselves a devil’s food cake my cakes baked for 35 minutes exactly.

5I’ve let them cool completely my frosting is thickened just to perfection and now what I’ve done is I’ve got a rotating cake stand any cake stand will do and I just take four pieces of parchment paper and I put them around pretty much all the edges and then I put one on the cake upside down so I have a flat surface. Now I’m going to do is I’m going to take um about a quarter of the frosting, I’d say I would say quarter is probably right I mean it is rich and it is delicious without a doubt this is going to be a very rich cake but it is so worth. It so all I’m doing is kind of spreading this from edge to edge. Don’t worry if you can kind of touch the cake a bit and it gets all crumbly because that’s what we’re going to be doing in the second. we’re going to cover that up where it’s the other piece and it should come right out. Then you peel off the parchment this I’m going to put rounded side up just like that and then I’m gonna take the remaining frosting which is really thick and really rich and really chocolaty which still look good and it’s gonna be pretty naughty um but it’s worth it. It really is I’m going to spread that on top and you have the option to just do the whole just the top or the side.

6So there’s a lot of frosting here and it’s very rich. So I’m going to do the top and the sides, So I am just doing that now the very top, I just take the tip of my knife of my spatula and I kind of just swirl it about a bit. I really don’t care to do any kind of decoration or anything like that because it’s a cake and in the day it tastes good that’s what people are going to remember. So keep that in mind Oh can you hear the angels singing and now tell me that’s not weird considering it’s called an angel food, an angel food cake a devil’s food cake and I hear the angels singing whatevs I’m cutting myself a piece o if you are a chocolate lover you will be forever grateful for that just dyin you know. I took two seconds and I took a giant bite out of him it was one of the most delicious things definitely one of the most delicious cake its moist its chocolatey that frosting. I’m telling you is the best frosting for this cake because it’s rich but it’s not overly sweet because we use semi-sweet chocolate and we didn’t add any other sugar into him. It’s really deep in chocolate the cake is deep chocolatey. I mean it’s just a match made in heaven. I mean one I don’t know laughs to say it’s incredibly good little R in the kitchen that company get this recipe if you do recreate it make sure you tweet me Instagram, Facebook I want to see the picture and if you do follow me on social media then you know I always find those pictures and I know we’ve comment on them or tweet them or whatnot because I love being able to see that you actually recreate some of the dishes that I do make but anyway enough chatting. I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me guys and I will see you all next time bye you like almost melted butter reported solar myself it cooled. So now it’s I get a I’m going to smoosh it around a bit.