Dan Hernandez on Bacon Wrapped Recipe

We are going to make Bacon Wrapped Halibut.


  • Bacon Skewer
  • Spicy Lemon Teriyaki Sauce
  • Half Slice Of Bacon Sku
  • Tablespoon Of Sriracha
  • Cantaloupe


1We’re going to do halibut wrapped with asparagus and bacon skewer with a spicy lemon teriyaki sauce that sounds interesting so have a few here now the first thing that’s important is you want to soak overnight or at least for four to six hours your skewers in water this keeps them from burning on the grill ok all right so don’t have one here there’s some halibut and some bacon this is just a half piece of bacon you could be a little bit generous on your cubes you don’t to make them too small because this is all going to shrink after you cook it so I’m about a one inch by one inch cube.

2Some asparagus wrap it up with a half slice of bacon sku let’s make our sauce so I have about a cup of teriyaki sauce a half lemon and tablespoon of sriracha I know you like it spicy yeah yeah a little more I don’t think I’ve ever had a fish just I didn’t have some woman in it the next step is let’s based in a little bit now we’re ready to put them on the grill yeah we’re ready to put them on the grill greasy feel a little bit as this gonna keep the fish from sticking hmm smells so good already spell out give it a the viewers can’t smell that home.

3All right let’s check these out all right oh nice nice okay what do you see what I do with these these are really spicy all right which is I know how you like them so I’ve taken a cantaloupe cut it in half taking the balls out and put them back in nagano this is a great way to serve at a party whoops one fell out what I want you to do because it’s so spicy mm-hmm.