Crunchy & Half-Sour Pickles

Today Vinnie We’re Gonna Be Making One Of My Favorites A Half Sour Pickle.


  • Cucumber Vines
  • Some Spices Garlic
  • Honey Garlic
  • A Couple Black Peppercorns



We would be doing this in a field then he picture the cucumber vines growing around me oh not around me better you know in the background Hawks buzzin rabbits hopping okay [Music] some people like the full sour but for me it’s a little tomb. I like it a little too mushy the full sour for me a pickle should be bright in color a nice crisp to it. So I picked up these little Kirby’s little cuties. Here I gave him a little wash but water and that’s about it basically what we’re doing is we’re making a saltwater brine. Then we’re gonna add some spices garlic. I like to have a little bit dill and then it’s real simple you just put the cucumber’s in put the old lid on and then pop it in I put it in the fridge for about 10 days that’s it and you end up getting just a perfect perfect pickle check this out Vinny this is it’s got science written all over it but I got my little project book so for pickles. I got this on the old Internet and it’s just a saltwater brine the percentages. So I’m gonna go with 3.5% and 2 quarts. So we’re gonna need 66 grams of salt we’ll pop that right on there here Vinnie. I’m just gonna add the water I use is like room temp you know just going to dissolve the salt.


So now I’m just gonna get that a little shake okay all right so what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna add all my spices like I got some real good garlic from the from the farmers market. I could give it a little crush we explained that in that one and I think we put that into that honey garlic honey episode but with garlic when you crush it it’s kind of like a two-part epoxy you know it’s like a two-part glue or epoxy you crush the cell when something is crushing the cell walls, and it makes a thing called allicin so it starts to make the Alison, and that’s like they were super what’s really good for you in garlic then the Alison is what it’s really really good for you in garlic. So I give it a little crush in just a little slice each op and that can go right into the brine thanks grace and then next. we’ll add celery seed you know you have to go measure and just uh I do it by how I you know I’m feeling it out you know a little celery here we got a little dill seed just a little bit and there’s little stuff called fennel pollen it’s kind of expensive but you know it goes a long way little dab’ll do ya, and we’ll just do a little pinch of that in there your night huh and then also.


I’m not gonna do it just why maybe I do a pinch what the hell all right that’s right it is this is a dill pollen little pinch of that in there okay. Then I like to put just a little bit of dill fresh dill in it, and what I like to do a little wild card here Vincenzo is I got some of these little cherry peppers. I don’t want to spicy I’m just gonna cut out that top green there and you know whatever kind of pepper you want yeah that’s optional if you don’t want to go spicy and then don’t do it what’s that look like me looks like a brain or walnut yeah great story Matt what’s that stuff in peppers that’s hot kickass kiyose well Claire the stuff in peppers. That’s it’s perfect half salad Claire oh my god perfect Claire half sour Savitz this is how things happen organically all right be pay attention so just gonna slice these thin here throw that on your sandwich with the pickled she zoom right in yes should we grab a couple rows yeah if any hold up your pack are you come with me bud mmm little crepe cake oh Claire what are you doing.


Now we’re just gonna throw the cucumbers into the bride okay. I’ll throw the lid on this give a little shake for good measure of in get all that garlic into that but oh you know what I forgot that silly me is the do a little mustard seed in there and I read somewhere you can to help them keep crunchy and firm people throw like oak leaves in there and stuff all right here mustard seeds too can act. I’ll have a couple black peppercorns. Then all right boom we’ll pop this in the fridge for ten days. I like to go in to the fridge about every day. I like good every day because it’s fun and just give it the old turn around you know the old who just to get things mixed up in nice to make sure everything’s getting all happy in there takes note one thing’s called snow globes pickle.