Pineapple Brown Sugar Slow Cooker Ham Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 5 hrs
Ready in: 5 hrs 15 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make A Pineapple Brown Sugar Crock Pot Ham Slow Cooker Ham.


  • Ham
  • Some Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Ground Cloves
  • Some Diced Pineapple



You’re using the spiral cut ham to roast it because it’s your kind of allowing all the air to escape between the slices and it too they tend to king they tend to get a little dry. I got it in the crock pot you don’t really have to worry about that I also have some honey I’ve got brown sugar and a little bit of ground cloves and I also have some diced pineapple in juice don’t drain the juice it’s really important now.


I’m just mixing in with my with my spoon now my ham is about seven-and-a-half pounds you want to make sure that the ham you buy is going to fit in your crock pot or your slow cooker because. I have come across I’ve come across situations where my self I’ve added a knock on the big piece of meat for my crock-pot and it was just way too big and I can’t cut that one down so just make sure that it fits I’m going to take half of my brown sugar you can see it’s not packed and I just try to break up the blarg chunks as much as.


I can take the rest of the ground so it looks like a lot remember it’s not packed it’s only a couple of cups which is a lot but this is almost a pound so and besides you need that sweetness because ham can be very salty. which I love I love that combination of sweet and salty I got that on there myself oh it’s going to be so good all right charts position it and then I just like to drizzle a little bit of honey you don’t need a lot but I’m telling you it is so good and then finally you have your pineapple chunks and one or two just fell all over the place but that’s okay it looks like it’s a lot it’s not going to fit but as you can see it fits perfectly I’m going to put the lid on and I’m just going to let this cook for about four to six hours on high or I would say about eight hours or so on low so the choice is yours.


I’m going to clean up because clearly I’ve made a disastrous mess and I’m going to let this cook and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done so my ham cooked for about there was five hours on high and then what I did was I took it out it just have to be really careful because it will fall apart which is great and you also have a lot of liquid and juices in your crock pot so just be careful I place it on a platter and it is literally like it just like melts it falls apart like it’s so tender and lot of stuff done and it’s amazing now what I would do looks or would like if you were to serve.