Pasta with Sausage & Artichokes Recipe

Prep in: 18 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 38 mins
I’m Sharing With You Pasta With Sausage And Artichokes Recipe.


  • Italian Sausage
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Artichokes
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Parmigiano



Some really good Italian sausage just as the best you can afford not spicy you want a mild and I just took off the casing and what I have here are some artichokes that were in brine and what I did is I drained them I roughly chopped them just kind of cut some in half so they were smaller pieces and I have it on paper towels so just absorb the extra liquid. I’ve got some DT because that’s what I grew up eating but you can use any pasta you like garlic parsley butter salt and pepper a little bit of olive oil and lots of parmigiano the first thing you want to do is get your big pot fill it with water a generous sprinkling of salt bring that up to a boil what I have here is a skillet with high sides with some olive oil and I have that over about medium-high heat and I’m gonna add my sausage you want this to be hot now there’s not going to be a whole lot that makes the sauce.


Whatever renders from the sausage and a little bit of butter and some starchy cooking water that’s what makes the sauce and it’s just so good and they coats the pasta so well and all I’m doing it’s breaking up the sausage with my win spoon it doesn’t have to be in like perfect little crumbles you can make something bigger than others it’s up to you.I’m just gonna break this up and I’m gonna let this cook until it develops really beautiful color all around and then.we’ll move on to the next set this is looking fabulous you want all that color and now I’m gonna add my artichokes because you want to get these really crispy as well.


I’m gonna add those right in.I’m gonna cook these at the same temperature about between medium and high.I want these to develop the color as well and now this is the perfect time to add the pasta to the boiling water because this all together is gonna take us ten more minutes to finish shop and that the pasta will be ready by then so, I’m gonna put this in and then meet you back here to add the garlic and everything else on the time comes now this is looking exactly how you want it you see how the artichoke is getting really crispy around the edges that is what you want this looks perfect the pasta has like another two minutes to go I’m gonna add my garlic now and then.


I’m just gonna let I turn the heat down a little bit to medium cuz it was on like almost high heat and I’m gonna let this cook for just a couple of minutes in the meantime drain your pasta but reserve a little bit of the starchy cooking water like a cup or so because that’s again gonna be the sauce so, you want to make sure you reserve that I’m gonna go drain it and get ready to put the whole thing together okay now I’m gonna add in my butter cuz that’s gonna be a part of the sauce. I’ve got my pasta here that i dream’d let that melt just a little bit it smells and looks phenomenal my parsley you only need a couple of tablespoons get that all in there smell.So,okay hot dog small smidge of black pepper and salt not much not much salt.

5We’re gonna add the cooked pasta it’s gonna be one crowded pan but we’ll make it work and some of the starchy cooking water let’s start with half give that a good stir take your time stir everything from the bottom up now so I’ve got my cheese grated. I went ahead and grated it for that I got it I could have it ready and that is gonna make that’s gonna be a part of the sauce as well give that a stir good. I just want to do a little more cheese you want like a half a cup at this point and and of course you can serve more on the side when you go ahead and serve it.