Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

Prepare time: 25 min
Cook: 35 min
Ready in: 1 hr

Today I’m Going To Make My Dad’s Special Chicken-Fried Steak.


  • Some Eggs
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Some Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Some Jar Of Bacon Grease
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Ketchup


1We need is some eggs saltine crackers some flour and then I have here a round steak.first thing is let my eggs here I’m just going to beat them up to make my little egg batter um which is actually just eggs okay that looks pretty uniform now I’ve got the saltines here. I’ve got just some plain old flour and then this is where we’re gonna put our.I’m gonna salt that maybe not that much just because the saltines I got the salted crackers so there’s a little bit of salt there too but I am going to put in a whole lot of pepper because I like pepper.

2So blam ah now the order of operations is chicken chip. Okay so my dad always does it egg flour egg crackers so that’s how I do it a lot of things when your breading stuff will have you dip it in flour first that is not how my dad did it and who want to question my dad so egg Let it go a little bit and then got our flour just a light little one tube okay and back in egg and over to the crackers yay get some of your like little cracker crumbs from the underneath side.

3Get them all over there too Oh key dokey awesome this is actually perfect amount of crackers okay so let’s cook them actually I am going to wash my mitts first and kind of get some of this junk out of the way so asta second people okay so I’m it’s you’re clean I’m going to turn my skillet on and start a little ihling it start heat up I’ve got here some jar of bacon grease that I save every time I make bacon and a skillet and it’s perfect for making chicken fried steak with um if you don’t have bacon grease you can use oil and vegetable oil or lard or you could use shortening although.

4I’m you didn’t hear that from me because I don’t ever use shortening but whatever you could um so we’re not going to like deep-fry these like they do in a lot of restaurants this is more of a pan fry so we’re just trying to get maybe a quarter of an inch of oil in there and I also like using bacon fat because it melts real fast.

5Heats up real fast oh great okay that’s my data let’s see yeah okay cool so give that a minute heat up and then the cooking part is actually pretty quick okay. l I’m gonna start getting my gravy ready. What I want to see you do the first getting extra brown and I turned it down to like medium heat so give it a couple more minutes and okay awesome so carefully let it drip a little bit and then now some people serve this with ketchup. I do not so I made some gravy.

6If you don’t know how to do it a lot of times people – well like get the chicken-fried steak made and then use this grease to make the gravy but I don’t like to do that because then your chicken-fried steak it’s cold so I just use some on a bacon grease to make up a little separate thing of cream gravy so let us and also I’m not gonna dump the gravy all over the top because then it’s just going to get all like soggy and my delicious crispy Ness is gonna get ruined so I’m just gonna get me a little bite like that and then it’s just like chicken nuggets you can just dip it.