Cookie Truffles Recipe

Ready in: 40 mins

Hi Guys,I Want To Show You How To Make Our Cookie Truffles.


  • Gingersnap Cookies
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla Cheesecake
  • Gingerbread



You’re gonna need I’ll show you the basis for everything so you’ll need three different phases because I’m doing the chocolate which are just some chocolate cookies that I bought our local bakery and I just pulsed them in my food processor and did the same thing with some gingersnap cookies and some vanilla sugar cookies so these are the bases and then to go along with that you need cream cheese and paddle sugar for all three and a little bit of vanilla extract now. I’ll show you like I said different variations of flavors.I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a chocolate orange.I’m going to do a chocolate coconut a lemon vanilla cheesecake and then we’re going to do a gingerbread oh and also.I won’t gonna do a funfetti like a cake mix so really yummy but let’s get started.I’m going to use my flute in my standing mixer here because my food processor would pulverize this too much and because of my cream cheese.I wanted to be softened a bit but now to room temperature otherwise they won’t hold together right away.


I find that this is just the best way to do it so let’s start with the sugar cookie so in my big mixer with my paddle attachment.I’m going to add mycream cheese and my paddle sugar and I’m gonna add a little bit of vanilla extract.I’m going to just cream these together for a minute.I want the cream cheese to get a head start and then.we’ll add in the cookie the sugar cookie crumbles so I’m gonna just lift this up and let it go that is can see all the vanilla beans from the vanilla extract okay so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to add my sugar cookie that I’ve crumbled in my food processor and I’m just gonna mix them until incorporated and then.I’ll put them back into the same bowl and just to spare you repetitive activity here I’m gonna do the same thing with my chocolate and I’m gonna do the same thing with my gingerbread so I also have a small pinch of cinnamon in the gingerbread just to enhance that warmth beautiful flavor of gingerbread cookies or Ginger Snaps.


So, I’m gonna do the same thing so chocolate spring chocalate mix and cream cheese and powdered sugar gingerbread cream cheese and powdered sugar so I may be back here in just a second all right all of my cookie dough is ready and I just want to walk you through what I did right here is I just took my chocolate cookie dough and I split it in half and they placed half of the in this bowl with some sweetened shredded coconut and the other half is here and I took my vanilla sugar cookie and I just took half of it and place it into this bowl with some confetti much like a birthday cake would would be and now to my cookie dough that’s remaining here.


I’m gonna add a little bit of lemon zest and the lemon zest with the vanilla with the cream cheese makes this taste like a cheesecake it is fabulous and it made me my favorite flavor of all of them but you know there is something here for everybody so if you want to make a bunch of different kinds just too a little bit by the way goes a long way so don’t overdo it if you want to make a you know a bunch of different varieties that’s great but if you want to only make one then you can do that now to my remaining chocolate.I’m gonna add a little bit of orange zest or like a Clementine which it’s just so wonderful this time of year and if,you’ve never had a combination of chocolate and orange before you are missing out because it is heaven on earth in your mouth.


I guarantee it so a little bit here as well and what happens is when you grate the zest all of the essential oils are in the zest so you get all of that flavor all that flavor but without any like of a juice and it’s just so wonderful and it comes through so well but it’s not overpowering it’s just great so this will do because I think of Clementine obviously is much smaller than orange and the skin is much thinner as well so I would say the zest of about a whole Clementine will do now.what I’m gonna do now just to speed things along a little tiny bit is I’m just gonna mix this together I just want to make sure that the lemon is mixed throughout my vanilla sugar cookie and then.I’m gonna mix the orange with the chocolate and then the coconut and then this one as well so once everything is ready we’ll be ready to rock and roll and make our truffles and it’s that easy now you can start rocking and rolling.

6I use a small ice cream scoop which is the equivalent to about one tablespoon and then I take my baking sheet lined with some parchment paper so that nothing sticks and you’re ready to go and another good tip as well because you’re gonna roll these in your hands and your hands are gonna get quite sticky have a little powdered sugar ready because that helps you kind of mold them without them sticking to your hands really badly so I’ll just do it like that right and it takes no time at all like that and then just place them on there like so and if you just need to you know flour your hands you want to do it with some powdered sugar which I’ll show you why look because look they’re nothing sticks see and I’m just gonna continue to do these and you can make them smaller if you want to but I think a tablespoon is perfect because you don’t want them too small otherwise they’re not too biters.

7I like to biters which i think is perfect for a sweet treat whether a gift or at the end of a meal or a party or whatever so I’m gonna keep rolling all of them and I’m gonna melt some chocolate I’ll show you what that looks like when we get there I’ve got some bittersweet chocolate I’ve got some white chocolate these are the candy melts because I feel like they just coat this a lot better but you can use anything that your heart desires and I’ll show you how I like to do it just to make life a little bit easier you want to have all of your toppings ready so whether they be sprinkles or what now you want to have them all ready so,I take this really small ice cream scoop right really small and then look.

8I just kind of like drape it on top and they works perfectly every time it’s I don’t want to dunk them in to my melted chocolate although you can I just like the way this looks it looks like snow cap it looks like they’ve been just drenched by beautiful delicious shiny chocolate and it is fabulous so I like to do it but like I said you can dip them in there if you want to you can do whatever your heart desires you can use a spoon you could use a piping bag you can use whatever you want and then.I’ll show you so for the first one which is my lemon cheesecake.once I add all of my chocolate on top which you know as this hardens it becomes a beautiful shell what I like to do is I like to just add a little bit more lemon zest and then some beautiful sprinkles of my choice.

9I’m gonna show you this because then I’ll do the rest of them off camera so, I don’t just take a ton of your time so a little bit of the lemon zest just over the top like so much a little will do and then I really like these little sprinkles so I just topped them with that like this and then for my birthday cake kind I’m going to do white chocolate and I’m just gonna do more of the you know color for confetti and then for two gingerbread I’m going to do half of them with white chocolate and then these little confetti sprinkles here and the other half of them with the dark chocolate with the same confetti and then for the coconut dark chocolate plus toasted shredded coconut and for the orange.

10I’m going to do dark chocolate plus a little more orange zest and some raw sugar so once.I’m just gonna get I’m gonna keep going because it’s gonna take me a while but once they’re all done I’ll show you what they look like these were in the fridge for about an hour so and now like.I said I’m giving you the you know ideas here and I’m gonna give you the basic amounts for the basic recipe but then by all means feel free to do whatever you want if you want to do sugar cookie and a little bit of Nutella if,you want to do maple cookies and a little maple syrup in there or some peanut butter.

11I’m gonna go for and it’s whirlwind okay whole delicious local team just do it just make this the lemon cheesecake has gonna be on the very top of the list it almost tastes like cookie dough divine easy simple everyone move out there and you will be the rock star in your group if it give these away for either as goodie bags or it’s like little gifts here in there oh my gosh you’re so good.