Cookie Dough Waffles Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Cookie Dough Waffles.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Sugar
  • Baking Powder
  • Whole Milk
  • Eggs
  • Lots Of Melted Butter
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Extract
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips



You just need some all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, whole milk, eggs lots of melted butter, unsweetened vanilla extract and then for the cookie dough portion you will need some unsalted butter that’s been softened you can see mine’s a little bit melted that’s okay brown sugar granulated sugar I’ve got flour a little bit of salt a little bit more milk and some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and you’re also going to need to add some vanilla to that as well let’s get started right away it’s so easy the first thing.I’m going to do is work on my waffle batter because I want that to sit for just a few minutes in my large measuring cup but before I do that.I’m just going to mix together my sugar flour and salt and baking powder in my large measuring cup.I’m going to add pretty much all of my wet ingredients.I’ve got my whole milk.I’ve got my eggs nice heavy splash of vanilla extract.


Your melted butter give everything a whisk it doesn’t have to be perfect because when I once I added to my dry ingredients I’m going to need to mix some warm add the wet into the dry and then just whisk everything and you want to whisk just until everything is well combined don’t carry over whisking otherwise your waffles will be really really tough and you don’t want that you don’t want to develop all that gluten and make them chewy you want to be really light on the inside so I’m just going to whisk these for about another ten seconds and then I’m gonna let them sit for a few minutes while we work on the cookie dough portion of my cookie dough balls all right so my waffle batter has been sitting for a few minutes now let’s work on the cookie dough portion so easy in a bowl I’m going to add my butter try to get it nice and soft if it’s a little melted like that that’s perfectly fine I want both kinds of sugar and a splash of vanilla extract now.


You’ll notice I’m not using any eggs in my cookie dough here because I don’t find it to be necessary I do need a little extra moisture but remember I am also not adding any baking soda making pattern of that because I’m not making actual cookies we all love cookie dough batter am i right so I’m
taking all the flavors that I love from a chocolate chip cookie dough and I’m just adding them in to my batter now I know what you’re thinking why not just add chocolate chips to your batter you can do that you have chocolate chip waffles but there’s just something about actual cookie dough running through the waffles I just give certain pieces of the waffles a little bit of a different texture and you can really taste the cookie dough I’m telling you it’s like magical so what I am doing here is I’m just mashing together the both kinds of sugars the butter and the vanilla it’s not going to be perfect.


I also have my waffle iron preheating now the amount these will make and how long they’ll take to cook is going to totally depend on your waffle iron also if your waffle iron is a nonstick then I actually don’t because I use my waffle iron very often I don’t even find it necessary to grease it or spray with anything because it’s just they lift out really easily but yours is not nonstick then you want to just brush it with some vegetable oil or butter or some nonstick spray between each between each batch that you make okay.I’ve added the flour salt milk and my mini chocolate chips.I prefer mini chocolate chips here versus the regular size.I think that they blend way better and they’re not as chunky I don’t know what it is but that’s just what I prefer and all I’m going to do now is just mix this with my spatula until everything is pretty much incorporated what I like to do now is I like to just take spoonfuls of my cookie dough and just drop it into the batter not that big.


I try to do about teaspoon size each so that they can all sort of and I’m going to mix it all together anyway but I find that if I just want to add this whole big thing in the center of this it just it takes me forever to mix it all together and it never gets mixed quite the way I like it so I just like to take my time and I like to just do it this way because it just makes it better when it comes to a waffle I want it to be look at anything I want it to be good and you know me. I hate sifting I hate doing anything extra any extra steps unless.I find it to be necessary so if.I’m taking the extra time to do this you know it’s going to make a difference all right nearly there I’ll just take the rest with my spatula because I don’t want to leave anything behind although. I didn’t want a little bit because I’m gonna go ahead and clean it afterwards you know just add that right in and then.

6I just take my spatula and I just kind of fold all these chunks like this and you can see how much they kind of mix in you know so much easier rather than just like one big blob that’s why I do it that way that’s all I do I don’t like to take up you know too far because I don’t want to break them up too much.I want pieces of cookie dough in my waffles okay my waffle maker is preheated now what I need to do is I just need to add like I said each waffle maker is going to be different so mine takes about a quarter so of waffle batter for each waffle so that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to put these in here.

7I’m going to put the lid on and mine takes about three minutes for my waffles to cook so I’m going to keep my eye on that and then just make waffles excellent my last one hot alright you can see I’ve got a tray back there with a bunch of them done I’ve got a tray here with a bunch of them done and they’ve been holding a little bit as I keep making more more batches look I refuse to let any little bit of batter go untouched so,I made myself a little teeny tiny one but what I want to show you is the inside of one of these because you can see the cookie dough batter running through it and I’m telling you it is perfection so okay so do you see that you can actually see the difference between the waffle batter and then the cookie dough batter.

8you see that waffle cookie dough that is what gives these such fantastic fantastic flavor n my sister and onto something mmm taking one of these putting a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and some chocolate syrup and you can have an awesome really fun dessert these are to die for they are so good the cookie gel comes through but it’s not overpowering the waffle itself it’s not too sweet cooked to perfection really nice and soft on the inside and switches like how I like it and when you can do two which is what I do when I make waffles we’re even pancakes sometimes.