Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

Prepare time: 5 hrs
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 5 hrs 20 mins

We Are Making Cookie Dough Ice Cream.


  • Whole Milk
  • Heavy Cream
  • Egg Yolk
  • Sugar
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Vanilla Bean Paste
  • All-Purpose Of Flour



You’re gonna need some whole milk heavy cream egg yolks sugar.I have a saw a little pinch of salt and either vanilla bean or I have got some vanilla bean paste here so it makes my life a little bit easier this is really easy now we are gonna make the custard now and then I’ll show you later how to make the cookie dough and then when we combine everything together it’s going to be miny okay let’s get started so simple I’ve got a large saucepan here and in here.I’m going to add my cream and milk and then both four at the same time makes me feel fancy like that and then.I’m going to add in a good spoonful of the vanilla paste you would need one of the vanilla bean that you would scrape down and get rid of you know take all the seeds out and put it in here vanilla bean but I’m using vanilla paste so a nice healthy spoonful of that should do the trick so I’m just going to take this off I’m going to put this on my stovetop.I’m going to let this come to temperature to a simmer over that medium-low heat now while my milk mixture is coming to a simmer.


I’m going to just take my egg yolks and sugar with a little pinch of salt.I’m going to whisk these together until the mixture becomes really nice thick and pale in color.I’ll show you what it looks like when it gets there basically essentially what we’re making right now is the the calicut sat by owning that Bayona is nothing but which I’ll show you became different recipe it’s just egg yolks sugar a little bit of booze and you’re good to go but this needs to be whisk until it’s really light and pale and about doubled in volume.I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there keep an eye out on your milk mixture you do not want it to come to a boil because if it does it will split and then you’re gonna have to start all over and waste all that milk and cream and vanilla so keep an eye on natural took just a couple of minutes and then.


You should be done with the egg yolk mixture as well and you’re getting awesome all work yeah while you’re at it my milk is at the right temperature you can see there’s little bubbles are starting to form around the edge of the pot which is when I know it’s at a perfect simmer my egg yolk as you can see I’ll show you the texture and the consistency see kind of falls down as it on a ribbon oh that’s perfect temporary egg yolks by just taking a little bit of my milk mixture just about a half a cup or so and this is all it’s doing is tempering the egg yolks so that they don’t kind of you know don’t get shocked when you pour them into the pan with a hot liquid that’s all you need to do. I’m going to now pour my egg yolk mixture into my pan very simple just making it easy easy and very classic ice cream custard base and now.I’m going to look at the color of that look at that color just makes me so happy you have no idea okay I am going to just switch back to my wooden spoon.


I’m going to cook this over about low heat until it thickens really nicely and it coats the back of my spoon and I will show you what it looks like when it’s there just make sure you keep this at a low heat and take your time and be gentle because if this comes to a boil or it gets too hot it will split it wants the splits again you will know when it splits and there is no going back so just take your time stir it like a figure in a figure eight motion kind of like. I’m doing right now and then just be patient and when it gets nice and thick. you’ll be able to notice that my custard is ready it’s been cooking for about six minutes and you can see it’s cutting the back of a spoon and if I run my finger down and the custard say separated you know it’s thick enough doesn’t really get any easier than that.


I’m going to pass this through a sieve just in case there’s on the eggshells remaining or anything curdled whatever it stays back it doesn’t get into your final mixture so as you can see this is smooth sailing all the way that’s how I like it that’s how I like it nice and smooth there’s really nothing maybe a little little tiny bit of something remaining but for the most part everything is really nice and smooth okay now you need to wrap this with plastic wrap and you want to make sure that the plastic is actually touching the surface of the custard um because otherwise it just forms a really weird looking skin that you don’t want it’s definitely not going to be smooth and delightful once you go ahead and freeze this so I’m going to pop this into the fridge it needs to be in the fridge for about four to six hours or best overnight that’s even better if you can put this in the fridge in the fridge overnight is even better.

6So, I’m going to leave this in its pretty early in the day in a day so,I’ll get to finish this in this afternoon and I’ll show you what it looks like once this is chilled.we’ll get going on making our cookie dough and then we’ll pull the whole thing off together while the custard is chilling we’re gonna go into making the cookie dough batter now we’re actually making a chocolate chip cookie dough batter here and now if that chocolate chip cookie dough if, that bothers you because nothing none of this is gonna be cooked so you’re kind of eating raw cookie dough which I love and I know everybody eats raw cookie dough at some point in their lives now if,this bothers you then you might want to skip this ice cream and its entirety you can make my chocolate ice cream you can make my strawberry mint chocolate chip.

7You’ll need some all-purpose flour.I’ve got a pinch of salt and I’ve got some instant espresso powder here just a small little pinch brown sugar granulated sugar some softened unsalted butter and egg vanilla extract on what I have here are some chocolate chips that I paused in my food processor so that you can see I’ve got little rubbles if,that’s some that are bigger.I’ve got some that are kind of whole I think the thing that I love about cookie dough ice cream is that you actually get bits and pieces of chocolate chips or chocolate throughout the entire ice cream and I think just by pulsing it a few times and breaking the pieces up a bit just gives it a little more interest and I think these itty-bitty almost dust like pieces of the chocolate is what makes us so divine in my opinion so if,you want to skip doing that part by all means do that but I think it’s kind of crucial I also have a 9 by 13 inch baking pan here.

8I’ve got a big piece of parchment paper because you want to make sure you can lift it up that’s sitting the side so let’s get going I’m going to just cream together my butter and both kinds of sugar.I’m gonna do this just in a small little Bowl cuz I don’t feel like like getting my mixer out for just a small batch.I’m just gonna mix these two together until combined that’s looking good enough.I’m going to add in my egg again you want to make sure that whoever you’re making this for will eat raw cookie dough just want to make sure that you don’t have anyone that can’t eat raw egg or whatnot just give them a heads up.I’m going to switch to my whisk briefly just to mix everything together a little bit better just mixing together the coffee and salt now I’m not adding any leavening agents this no baking soda you don’t need to I mean you’re not baking it so it’s I could make a difference.I’m gonna put my egg mixture in here normally I would put the dry into my wet but I switched both for some reason and the flour was in the bigger bowl and I just wanted to have plenty of room to mix this together and that’s basically all I’m doing I’m just going to combine this until it forms into a dough and then.

9I can add in you can actually add in my chocolate now because it’s almost there so I might as well cuz I don’t want to overwork this anyway and then my chocolate chip mixture you can also add take a bar of chocolate and chop that up if,you wanted to that would be lovely instead of adding chocolate chips well you can add many Jetts but you see what I mean when I say that I think this is so much better because that way you’re really getting chocolate throughout every little teeny tiny bite of the cookie dough otherwise you just get chocolate chips here a chocolate chip there but I want chocolate completely infused throughout the entire cookie dough so that’s why I like to pulse it and it’s those kinds of little things that really make a difference otherwise you know I would skip it so okay now I’m gonna put this close to me get my cookie dough out of here oops we’ll fix that in a minute do not panic talking to myself by the way now all.I’m doing and this is gonna be a little bit tricky.

10I’m trying to get this into a pretty thin layer because when we freeze this and I pull this out of the freezer we’re going to need to chop it into small pieces but clearly you can see that I’m not too worried about it getting it perfect and I don’t want you to be that worried about it either and it doesn’t have to be all one layer I’m just doing it this way because it’s easier to cut it once it’s frozen so just going to do that and now. I’m going to pop this into my freezer probably for several hours or however long it takes for the custard to chill the more frozen the better the easier it’s going to be for us to chop it up so,I’m going to pop this in looks odd now but trust me when I tell you it works wonders popping this in waiting for my custard to get nice and cold and then we’ll go on and put it all in a little machine and get that much closer to eating cookie dough ice cream my custard was in the fridge overnight.

11I have my really cold custard which is absolutely fantastic I mean look at that and this would be good on its own as is overtop of maybe berries or whatnot and pour that in there get it all out okay and now I’m just going to turn this on now and again check your manufacturer’s instructions because it’s going the time is going to bury mine takes a good 25 to 30 minutes you freeze the ice cream but they’re also different so I’m going to wait for this to be pretty much pretty much fully frozen and then we’ll get going on adding our cookie dough all right my ice cream is exactly where I wanted to put about 25 minutes and now I’m going to take my cookie dough that was in the freezer overnight as well which is what we want and this is why I just do it on parchment because it’s so easy and now.

12I just take a sharp knife and in no particular way. I just I’m gonna just wrap this up into bite-sized pieces that is it you can you really can do this a couple different ways instead of doing it the way I’m doing it you can take little teaspoons of the batter you know once you make it and then put it on any baking sheet lined with parchment and freeze it that way and then that you can just put them right into your ice cream machine I tend to do it this way I don’t know why I just think it’s easier and gets the job done a lot faster and you can also leave certain pieces bigger or smaller like that’s perfect so now I’m just going to go across and just rough chop edge on everything until you go but bite-sized pieces that’s it and I did want to mention that it sounds like this is really hard but it’s it’s not it just sounds hard because you were rough you know we’re cutting through chocolate I just wanted to mention that because as.

13I’m doing this I’m thinking you know you can hear the crunch but the crunch is just because we’re chopping up the chocolate so anyway figured out that you guys know that and now I’m just going to take these pieces and then you can cut these as big or as small as you want and you can add as much or as little as you want to your cookie dough batter it’s up to you I’m going to add most of it but most likely not all of it cuz it’s a lot and then you can also add some too for people to serve you know sprinkle the top and then just let them mix in as this is running yeah buddy now I only added about half of the chocolate cookie dough mixture in here because I didn’t want to add too too much because then you can also have a hard time with your machine being able to handle all that but look at this.
14I mean are you seeing what I’m seeing and also are you seeing how those little rubbles of chocolate kind of just spread all throughout the batter and that’s from when I took the chocolate pieces the child chips and put them through the food processor because that’s just personally what I like obviously you want big chocolate chips here and there but why have a little bit when you can have chocolate throughout oh look at that I mean just if you get up close you can see that it’s really creamy it’s got those big chunks of cookie dough and I’m just going to make myself a little ice cream okay okay just just a scoop just a scoop on a cone is I’m deserving look whoa look at that look all the’ll love this I promise you will love this it’s so easy tastes so much better than store-bought.

15I cannot stress it enough it’s insanely easy to do doesn’t take a hard time it doesn’t take any fancy ingredients this is very basic but it’s done the right way you can see I mean it’s just it’s phenomenal look at the chocolate pieces in there.