How to Confit Pork Jowl

Ready in: 30 mins

We’re Going To Be Making Confit Pork Jowl.


  • Brown Shrimp
  • Black Sesame Seed Oil
  • Some Brussels
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Radish
  • Chili
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Eggs
  • Fermented Soybeans
  • Mirin
  • Taro Starch
  • Coriander
  • Cilantro
  • Lemon
  • Soybeans



We coat with brown shrimp and black sesame with some Brussels sprouts, radish and chili. what you need to make this is one happy pink gel skin on some rock salt garlic doug-fir. some black sesame, eggs, fermented soybeans two types of chili green and red radishes, brussel sprouts, mirin, sesame seed oil, taro starch, coriander or in states. I think you called it cilantro lemons and dried shrimp so, we’re going to lightly coat the gel-in-oil little go a long way it’s like if, you’re’re gonna salt something you can draw the moisture out it’s gonna be preserved but what we’re gonna do we want to get that flavor but we don’t keep it in fat for weeks so,we want to cut the salt and the garlic on there put the fridge for a few hours take it out confit cool it down chop it up and cook it.


So,I’m going to flavor the salt with garlic you want to season this like a steak you want to mix the garlic and the oil and the salt and just massage it over it and the nice thing about the oil is that once yours on there there’s going to be no salt left just sitting in the tray unless you guys in the picture so,you have your duck fat working we’re putting a good slice and mirin in there weaving in the fridge four and a half want to just brush that off nice and slow you need enough duck fat submerge a gel a layer of parchment over the top grease proof over the parchment paper putting some tin foil and then since the other 300 degrees Fahrenheit around 2 hours this is in for about 2 want to cool it down as quickly as possible and then you know when you can stick your finger in’re not going to screw fridge up so then.


We’re going to portion this nice snack size bites a little bit potato starch and a crack some eggs some dried shrimp and these desire but the dried shrimp as in the chopped up and put like a sambar these are literally dehydrated baby shrimp.some black sesame let’s give a little contrast give a 1/2 cup of Terra starch and about a cup of black sesame and about 3 cups of Russian so,now we’re going to create a salad choose medium radish some brussel sprouts.I’m just going to put a bit of mirin here a little bit of sesame oil not too much otherwise it will just be completely overpowered fermented soybeans, lemon green and red chilies cilantro.we call this coriander anything okay want a hot pan so, it doesn’t just sort of sweat. you want to take some of the fat you cook the head it’s Montreux and then some brand shop for runs this is shrimp crusted pick cheek with a busser sprout.