Colomba Pasquale Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Easter Panettone.


  • Some Whole Milk
  • Few Eggs
  • Candied Orange
  • Some Golden Raisins
  • Flour
  • Granualted Sugar
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Yeast
  • Lemon Zest
  • Vanilla Extract



You’ll need some whole milk and this is not hot but it’s just a little more at a room temperature you don’t want it ice-cold a few eggs in here what I have is candied orange. I’ve got some golden raisins flour salt granulated sugar this is some biga. which we’ll talk about in just a minute you need some butter unsalted softened to room temp you need some instant yeast just instant sometimes it’s also known as a bread machine yeast or bread yeast and have an orange and somebody lean up that’s it you also need a few more ingredients for the topping which is what makes this so incredible but.I show you that when we get to it let’s talk about the big up or the starter if, you will I did this last night because you needed to let it rest at room temperature for 16 hours and I am weighing around 16 hours today I got a color but eat so all.


I have in here is some water some flour in a tiny pinch of yeast and I covered it and left it on my counter for 16 hours and that is what it looks like this is really important it’s gonna give you that mix them together now.I’ve done this recipe many times.I’m using instant yeast.I’ve been using instant yeast a lot more often recently it rises faster you don’t have to activate it and it’s fabulous so,you just add it right in you need the zest of a half an orange this is a really big orange you can also add a little bit of lemon zest here want to but I just prefer orange get it all out there don’t get any of the yellow part cuz that’s bitter alright that looks great my Italian vanilla this is like powdered vanilla if,you don’t have it don’t worry just use vanilla extract but you know I do think that it makes a difference obviously but come on all right here.we go add that right in and smells unbelievable that little teeny tiny packet smells so good.


I’m just gonna give everything a stir right and then.I’m gonna go in with my milk my eggs and then my betta get that all out in there it’s really sticky and lovely and it’s gonna just it’s gonna be just right it looks really weird at this point but you have to trust me that over time it’s gonna rise for a long time twice it’s just gonna be unbelievable and then. when we top it with its signature topping Oh fabulous and you need your soft butter now this needs to go in your mixer to knead on medium speed for a good five or six minutes.I want this to be you know.I want this to to knead for a while and I will show you what it looks like when it’s there so make sure you put on a dough hook and not a POW attachment because it’ll never come off so just let it go and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there that is exactly what you’re looking for you’re not gonna get like a heavy like bread like dough like a really you know stiff dough it’s gonna be a little bit sticky a lot sticking.


I made it at home and it’s really not difficult it’s just getting the texture right not topping you know the flavor but it’s not difficult if,you can make fun of tone if,you make bread you can make caramba it’s very easy so,I’m just gonna take this and put it into a buttered Bowl you could use a little vegetable oil if,you want to but I just had some soft butter already out so,I’m just carefully getting it out of here oh goodness come on I’m gonna get it all out it’s just a little bit hard if,I had my little soft bench scraper would have been easier any time and now.I’m just going to cover this with some plastic wrap and let it rise for a couple of hours or until it’s. I want to say it’s about the same yeah same capacity this is the bowl like a nice big dose I’m gonna cover this pop it somewhere warm it to rise completely undisturbed normally.


you can also just make a mold out of aluminum foil you absolutely can do that it’s not that difficult and then what you do is you take four family cans right you just put one two three and four and it hold its shape so whatever your heart desires but try to look for one if you want to make it as authentic as possible so now I just take my dough right it’s really sticky and lovely and I just kind of deflate it using a fork because I’m not gonna mold this into anything I’m just gonna plunk this right.I’ll show you right onto my surface I don’t want to add any additional flour though if I don’t have to get it all out and then I just trying to work as quickly as possible and I’ll cut this into like two thirds.I know this sounds crazy because I’m not adding any flour but you really want to avoid adding any extra flour if,you can and I just kind of spread it out like that take the rest put it in like so I know I look like a crazy person but you know you know I got a I got a reason for everything if you add any extra flour it just ends up being a little too doughy so if,I could avoid it then.

I do then just take my hands and I kind of spread this out a little bit just to kind of fit the mold but this is gonna rise once again and it’s gonna fill out all the little nooks and crannies so,I’m just going to you could use a little flour if,you want to but this is good for me I like living on the edge I like living dangerously you know but the only area of my life I do that so all right I’m gonna cover this back up and I’m gonna let this rise once again for a couple of hours I want it to come to about the top of the mold and then I will show you the next step before we bake it and it smells just add oh it smells like Columbus you can see how beautiful this is it’s been rising for a couple of it’s exactly where we want it so now let’s work on the top end which by the way is non-negotiable so in here.

I’ve got an egg white.I also have some ground almonds and sugar pearls sugar and I’ve got here some whole almonds again this is not negotiable Columba is almost known for its lovely bronzed. I would say layer on the very top it’s really crunchy it’s fantastic. I’ve got my oven preheated to 350 and we’re gonna get going on the topping so you take your egg white and you just kind of whisk this until it becomes really nice and frothy perfect then you add in your ground almonds and sugar and you just give those a nice stir and it’s really thick and lovely now you carefully what I did by the way to my plastic wrap is I just sprayed it with a little bit of nonstick spray so that it didn’t stick too much to the top of the Columba and then you just take a pastry brush and you just carefully you’re not really painting it on you’re kind of just tapping it on.I suppose right just want to make sure that the whole surface is covered with this mixture perfect and then you just take pearls sugar and you just sprinkle this all over the top like so and then you very gently.

I keep saying gently and carefully because you don’t want to deflate all the hard work that you put into you know this dough rising so beautifully so you just kind of carefully put the almonds over the top and don’t worry if, you don’t feel like they’re sinking in because once it bakes it kind of does now this beauty just goes into a 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 want to make sure that it’s a beautiful Browns like bronze color on top but that the sides and the bottom are not burned so keep an eye on it because usually 35 minutes is the sweet spot with this so once that’s done I’m gonna let it cool and then we dig in that’s right my cologne bob was in the oven for 35 minutes.