Classic Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Ready in: 10 mins

I Want To Show You How I Make My Classic All-American Cream Cheese Frosting.


  • Some Confectioner Sugar
  • Cream Cheese
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Milk
  • Vanilla Extract



We get started let’s go over them you’re going to need some confectioner sugar or icing sugar or powdered sugar you’re going to need some room temperature cream cheese, unsalted butter, some milk and vanilla extract does your ingredients big shocker right easy and simple again don’t want to hear anything about how unhealthy this is because if, you know me you know that I do cook you know I cook pretty healthy I like to think but desserts are the thing that you get lost in once in a while you just need you know you have that craving for something so I don’t want to hear it so you’re going to put your butter in your cream cheese in this bowl along with your vanilla extract.


I just won a little bit of it and all I’m going to do is I’m using my handy dandy help make handheld mixer year I’m gonna mix these two together just to get them combined and then I add my powdered sugar it looks great now.I’m going to add in my confectioner sugar and slowly otherwise you’re going to get it a facial out of this you’re going to want to mix this in until you have a nice creamy component now that that’s combined.I’m going to add in my milk and mix that it and that is it now it is a little bit loose at first that’s what you’re looking for because once you put this in the fridge for a little while to set before you frost anything you want to frost.


What happens is hold on what happens is if, you start with a really thick consistency when you cool it it’s gets even thicker and then it’s really difficult to spread over your pumpkin you know in pumpkin or your cupcakes or your cake whoa buddy I do that all the time but it usually wait till you guys go before I take before I put that down anyway all I’m gonna do is put this into a bowl and I’m going to set this in the fridge for me to use on my pumpkin cupcakes.


I want to use it that’s it super simple and easy an American classic that I think everyone should know how to make takes a few ingredients but I’m telling you what this is best this is the best cream cheese frosting my friends and everybody I make it for say they’ve ever had because it’s the consistency it’s really what makes it so that’s it symphonies in the cupboard pop in the fridge.


I don’t do things super super precise because nobody cares all right now you take your apples and you just sprinkle your apple evenly over the top and I just like to sort of do that I like to kind of really get them into that filling you just cut this in half like so and then I just kind of work from the sides and then you just kind of roll roll like that and don’t worry if you’re filling spills on it it’s gonna be delicious.