Caponata Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 25 mins
Ready in: 45 mins

I’m going to show you a NIC Sicilian classic caponata.


  • Some Chopped Onions
  • Chopped Kalamata Olives
  • Some Dry Golden Raisins
  • Capers
  • Some Sugar
  • Red Wine
  • Vinegar
  • Pom Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt Pepper
  • Fresh Basil Leaves


1It’s a sweet and sour eggplant soup totally vegetarian totally delicious and it’s so so good so easy to make so good so cheap and I’m sure everybody’s going to love it so that’s the cooking I’m going to show you were going to need you’re going to need some chopped celery some chopped bell pepper some chopped onions.

2So I’m pitted and chopped kalamata olives some dry golden raisins you need some capers some sugar red wine vinegar crushed or you know diced pom tomatoes and you’re also going to need of course the queen of the dish which is the eggplant.

3Now what I’ve done here is I put the eggs I cut it up into cubes but a 1 inch cubes and I put it in a colander and I sprinkled it with that quarter cup of salt and I’m just mix it together then I put it in left in the colander I put a plate on top of that and lots of weights you want to weigh it down.

4What it did was it drew out all of the bitter liquid that’s in the eggplant because if you get an X planets getting a lot of seeds chances are it’s going to be bitter so my eggplant a lot of seeds so I salted it for about an hour all the liquid came out i rinsed it and then I Pat it dry so that was ready to be sauteed and you’re also going to need some olive oil salt pepper.

5Just a few fresh basil leaves just to make it taste extra delicious so let’s head over to the stove it’s our sauteing our vegetables I’m about three tablespoons of regular olive oil you can use extra virgin olive oil if you wanted to preheating in this pan over medium heat I’m going to add in my onion my peppers and my celery.

6I’m gonna like these saute look at those colors you know it’s going to be good just looking like those colors what I’m going to do though really quickly is I’m going to just season it just a bit with salt and pepper.I’m gonna let these cook for about 6-7 minutes and so nicely translucent and then we’re going to add in our eggplant and remaining.

7Means my vegetable mixture it’s been cooking for about five minutes and it’s perfectly cooked now I’m going to add something that I didn’t have in my list of ingredients and it’s just gonna be a pinch of hot pepper flakes I don’t want to make it too spicy but I like that but sort of that spicy note in the background without sweet vegetables and a salt team.

8First and I’m going to add in my eggplant give this a nice mix like that now this is going to have to cook for another three to four minutes you wanna I plan to get storage the storage of cook before we add the tomatoes and recipe zillion I’m not springing into that edit my eggplant and you can saw everything about perfectly cooked at this point so now we’re going to add in our crush or diced tomatoes.

9These are really nice and chunky which is exactly what I want and I add in our gold and raisins and these are gonna plump up in the liquid and they’re gonna be so so good now couple not that is a typically there’s an original Sicilian eggplants too it’s very thick and dense and you can serve it with pasta you can serve it with polenta over polenta my favorite way of eating it is just with a really nice crusty piece of bread.

10It makes like the most amazing sandwich you’ll ever have now it’s a sweet and sour eggplant stew now the sweetness comes from the raisins and of course the sweetness of the vegetables you know the celery the onion and we peppers are naturally sweet and then I’m going to add in the tablespoon of sugar just to enhance that and then the sour is going to come from the capers and islands and a little bit of red wine vinegar all that we’re going to add it is so so addicting.
11Serve but it’s a hundred times better if you serve it the next day everything just gets to know each other a bit more and it gets like so good now we’re gonna let this cook medium high heat for about 20 minutes you want everything to be nice and thick and then we’re going to taste it for seasoning because remember we see them the vegetables before we put them in but we had also salted the eggplant so I don’t want to everything be too salty so once this is cooked in about 20 minutes I’m gonna try it and I’m gonna see how much you know how much you know just to your taste and I’m gonna see the nape a little bit basil on there.
12Then when we dig in it’s just so good and smells amazing so let this go for 20 minutes this isn’t cooking for about 20 minutes now I’m going to add in the kalamata olives we’re going to add in the capers it’s any bit of sugar about a tablespoon and now red wine vinegar.
13Let this cook for another minute it’s the fresh basil leaves in there okeydoke I turn the heat down just a tad smells divine let this cook for another minute then we’re going to bring it to the table.

14Needs some salt because we’ve added the sugar salt and black pepper with a thick and delicious that list Oh now we’re talking ah all right.