How to make a Pot Roast

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 3 hrs 15 mins
Ready in: 3 hrs 30 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Pot Roast.


  • Chopped Onion
  • Chopped Carrots
  • Celery
  • Some Frozen Pearl Onions
  • Salt
  • Thawed
  • Some Dry Porcini Mushrooms
  • Some Sliced Stewed Tomatoes
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Some Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Little Bit Of Flour
  • Four Pound Chuck Roast
  • Beef
  • Olive Oil
  • Chianti



You need some chopped onion, some carrots,some chopped celery, some frozen pearl onions, thawed, some dry porcini mushrooms, some sliced stewed tomatoes, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, some garlic, some Chianti of course salt pepper a little bit of all-purpose flour and of course. you need the star of the show and this is a four pound chuck roast my favorite type to use whenever. I’m making any kind of roast and you’re also going to need one cup – one and a half cups of hot water and of course. You’re going to need a little olive oil so, this is really simple really really easy but it’s going to taste absolutely incredible and wait till. You see the end result amazing now first thing. I’m going to do my steak this is a half an ounce of dried porcini mushrooms they have a very delicious deep woodsy flavor and I adore them but we have to bring them back to life.


We’re going to do is we’re going to give them about a cup and a half of hot water that. I’ve recently boiled. I have two cups there but we won’t use it all and this is just going to rehydrate them it’s going to bring them back to life they’re going to get nice and soft. What’s really going to do for us so, we’re going to need is going to give us the most incredible mushroom stock. Which we’re going to use in this to itself but, I want to do this separately because.when you’re using dried mushrooms and you reconstitute them a little bit of the grit from the mushrooms themselves. They’ll kind of fall to the bottom of the bowl and I don’t want to add that to my stock to my to my am roast that’s. Why I’m soaking that separately because if I were to just put them in the pot with a cup and a half of water the grit would just kind of be at the bottom of the pot.


I don’t want that so, leave that aside now second thing. you want to do is take a large pot fill by two tablespoons of olive oil in there and bring it to high heat turn the heat on to high want that scream screaming half.when you put your roast in the pan okay so,we have our roast here and an important note any using any kind of want to let it come to room temperature for about an never want to cook cold cold meat because it’ll come out really tough. I’m going to season liberally with salt and pepper all over it because this is really only chance to see them the meat itself and you want to make sure it’s dig nicely seasoned that was one side flip it.we’ll do this side and this little bit of fat it’s going to give a great great flavor so, you don’t want to get rid of that you want to make sure.


You season on all sides too got the pepper now then take some all-purpose flour and this’re going to probably need about a quarter cup and this is what’s going to really give it a beautiful crust and it’s actually going to help the sauce thicken as well and rub it all over pretty well we have our meat rubbed on. we’ll purpose all-purpose flour and the salt and pepper now let’s bring it over to the stove so,we can get searing it my olive oil is really nice and hot. So, I’m going to add in oh this big babies that’s exactly. What you want to hear and you want to let that cook for about four to five minutes on each side.I mean the sides as well because I want everything to have a really nice deep brown crust meanwhile. I’m just going to gather up the rest of my ingredients. I’ll meet you back here my beef is perfectly colored on all sides yep take it out of the pan that’s it back on this plate doesn’t matter.I’m going to add about one tape.we’re just going to turn the heat down to medium now.


I’m going to add about another tablespoon of olive oil and at this point.we’re gonna add in onion celery and carrot.I’m gonna forget the garlic.I’m just gonna season the veggies with salt and pepper so,remember you really want to make sure you season every layer of your dish wonderful giving this a nice go for about five to seven minutes over the vegetables start to cook down then you can see. I chopped the onion and the celery rather small but I let the carrots and really big chunks but that’s because I love when carrots are kind of cooked and plump and sweet. So,I love I love that but I also think that texture is also very important and I don’t want everything to be a big mush I want to have six sake pieces of things and about a half hour before the actual meal is done.


We’re going to add in the pearl onions they’re just going to cook fairly to get them nice and sweet but they’re not going to turn to mush because.I love the flavor of the little teeny tiny well sweet place in heaven let this go for about five to seven minutes stirring it every now and then and then. We’ll continue adding more ingredients my veggies outside even if,you don’t want to have a really good color on now you just wanted to start cooking down and now at this point. we’re going to add the beef back in you want to sit it right on those veggies just like that and we’re going to pour want you can use a different kind of wine like a Cabernet or Merlot. I just really love using Chianti.when I make this do it just goes so well together with the porcini mushrooms it’s fantastic if don’t even want to bother using wine you can always just you know use some beef stock if,you want now.


I’m just draining my porcini mushrooms and adding those in it’s gonna be so good it makes.your house by the way smell incredible and I’m only using a half an ounce of porcini mushrooms because they’re really strong if.I were to use a whole ounce it would kind of overpower everything and I don’t want that.I’m just going to start you adding in the liquid see the grit see that that’s why we soak them separately because what we’re gonna do is whoop here.we go we’re now going to add that a little bit.we’re not going to add that because.I don’t want that in my stew now.we’re going to add our 14 ounce can of sliced tomatoes. you can use chopped tomatoes sliced tomatoes really anything. you have put that around we have that now we’re going to add our herbs.


I am using fresh rosemary two sprigs of that because rosemary is very strong and if,you were to use any more reach you munch this is a huge break of time these are two regular sprigs of thyme so,about four sprigs of thyme all together here.we go sings and now you have an can either cook this in a low oven 325 for about two and a half hours or you can cook this on your stove just like.I’m about to do turning this on as low as it goes covering it.I’m going to cook it for about three hours and I’m going to kind of flip the beat halfway through just to ensure even cooking so I’m just going to put a lid on.I’m going to let this cook for an hour and a half whoops an hour and a half then.I’m going to flip it and I the two and a half mark.we’re going to come and meet back here to add a pearl onions and finish it up our roofs been cooking for two and a half hours.I have just flipped it once during the cooking time smells insanely good in here this is over medium-low heat it’s actually over low heat.


I’m just going to turn it up to medium. I’m going to add in our pearl onions.I have defrosted just giving them bring them in the juice haha this is going to be out of this world now.I’m just going to change the four C’s things.I know it needs seasoning at this point absolutely.I taste dee-licious now the sauce itself needs to be seasoned because we’ve seasoned the beef.we’ve seasoned some of the veggies but we haven’t seasoned the sauce so just seasoned it to taste just like that giving them this another stir.I’m going to cook this uncovered for 30 minutes at medium. I’m going to actually put the heat up to yet medium high.I’m going to flip this after 15 minutes just to ensure that the beef is cooking absolutely evenly on all sides so 30 minutes flipping it once after 15 minutes uncovered and it’s going to be tea Misha’s our Patras is done and it is absolute perfection okay.


I’m just going to take it out and I want to just show you the consistency of this sauce okay, look at this look like a thick gorgeous glossy deliciousness that it is the sauce okay that is achieved partly from cooking it the way that.we did covering it for most of the time and then leaving it uncovered for half an hour and a lot of it’s coming from the fact that.we put a little bit of flour on the actual pot row in the actual roast and that just really thickened up the sauce and give it the most amazing consistency and now just gonna slice a little piece here. so, I can show you guys it just slices like butter like.I don’t even have to barely touch it look at that like absolutely amazing right here it’s hot though absolutely delicious oh look at that.I want to show you how I serve it you can serve it as is and there’s nothing wrong with that or you can serve it with my rosemary and roasted garlic, mashed potatoes take a dollop of this put it at the bottom another plate.I want to make like a well almost like that because I want to sip.