Banoffee Pie Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For A Banoffee Pie.


  • Some Crushed Graham Crackers Or Any Biscuit
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Some Unsalted Butter
  • Some Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Some Whipped Cream
  • Bananas


1Now banoffee pie it’s a traditional British banana it’s like the British version of banana cream pie. So I’m bringing you my version the ingredients. You’ll need or few and simple ones what I have here is some crushed graham crackers or you can use any biscuit that you prefer. I also have a little bit of semi-sweet chocolate chips these are just some mini chocolate chips but regular semi-sweet chocolate chips will do. I’ve got some unsalted butter some more melted but not all melted which is fine, and then I’ve got some sweetened condensed milk which I’ll talk about in just a minute you’ll also need some bananas of course add some whipped cream which I have in the fridge staying cold until I need it. Now I want to talk to you for a minute about the sweetened condensed milk because this is what this is our toffee now I won’t explain what I did I took those can removed the paper wrapping submerged it into water. In a saucepan you want to make sure it’s covered with water you bring it up to a boil once it’s up to a boil you leave it on medium, and you let this boil for two and a half hours in the can just like this in a saucepan for two and a half hours.

You want to make sure that your can is always submerged in water the top should never be exposed it should always be in water. So what you do is you take a saucepan you put a near it and then every to every 25 minutes or so I bring some water to a boil in a different saucepan add it to the big pan that this is in and let it continue to cook for two and a half hours and it’s important that you. Let it cool completely before you use it so that’s what I’ve done to this one so that it’s ready and out of the way. Now we’ll have everything written for you on Lauren in kitchen comm step by step. Now I’m gonna make my crust I got my oven preheated to 350 we processed. I’m going to add my graham crackers and my mini chocolate chips you don’t have to add the chocolate chips I think it doesn’t make the chocolaty but I just add a little something special and I’m going to add my butter and then I’m going to just whiz this up until the mixture resembles coarse or wet sand excellent. Now I have a 9 inch pie plate that I have greased with just a little nonstick spray because I wanna make sure nothing sticks.

3I’m going to tumble my crust mixture in here get my little blade out, and now using my fingers by the way this smells insanely good, and using my fingers, and a spatula. I’m just going to press this into the bottom and the sides of my little pie plate and it’s that simple it really is just such a delicious pie a little different. Than what I’m used to as far as I’m in a banana cream pie but it is just it’s rich it’s delightful so you have to give this a try and just Pat it in until you feel like you have the same thickness all around great. Now I’m going to pop this into the oven and just leave it right on the baking sheet. So it’s easy for me to get it in and out for about 8 to 10 minutes and then I want it cool and move on to the next step my crust was in the oven for 8 minutes and I’ve let it cool completely and really quickly I just wanted to demonstrate what I meant when I said that the candy to always be submerged this is another can of sweetened condensed milk. I’ve taken off the wrapping once again and I just have a large saucepan filled with water and because it’s heavy able to sink, and stay there and then you can see it’s covered with water the top it’s covered and then you just bring that to a boil turn it down.

4So that I gently boils gently for about two-and-a-half hours and then I just take another saucepan put it here with water and every 25 minutes. When I can start to see that my water is evaporating I bring that little water to a boil dump it in here and keep doing that to make sure the levels of the water is always at the right point, and then that way the top isn’t exposed do it for two, and a half hours, and you will have toffee. Now let’s get going on the rest of the recipe, I’ve got some bananas here that I’ve sliced not too ripe but they’re um they’re not too mushy. But they’re also not hard and bitter and like flavorless so you have to find like the right balance. I always say that if your bananas are nice and yellow with a little bit of an imperfection that’s when they’re perfect. When they’re too like perfectly like yellow and really hard then chances are they’re going to be a little bit hard and flavorless.

5Now that I’ve got that in there don’t worry about it being perfect because nobody is going to come over and judge you I promise I’ve got my toffee. Now this is kind of like my toffee that is completely cooled and you wanna make sure that this is cooled completely before you go ahead and open it and then just take off the top look at that donk Dom DOM and you’ve got toffee just like that and then you just take it out with your spatula. You’re going to have to work to spread this over because it’s not going to be super runny because um I’ve let it cool completely because if you don’t let it cool completely. You can run the risk of your can exploding if you open it you don’t want that to happen. So let it cool and then just take your time and mush this around don’t worry if your bananas get moved around because we you’re going to cover the whole thing up with a grouped cream so it does not matter and then top that with some whipped cream.

6Now I will leave some behind for me to snack on. I didn’t sweeten my whipped cream because the sweetened condensed milk is so sweet in yes I’ve been snacking on it. It’s so sweet that I just feel like it would be too much sweetness and I don’t want it to be over each or overwhelming so cover up the bananas, and the toffee don’t worry about it. Looking perfect this is a homemade pie I’ve whipped it just the stiff peaks and I’m gonna pop this whole thing into the fridge for a couple of hours. So they could all set and then we could be ready to serve my pie was in the fridge for just a couple of hours and I’m ready to dig it look I got my plate I got a fork I’m ready but I want to just add a little something special to the top and what I have here is a bar our of semi-sweet chocolate and I’m just going to take this.

7I have it on a clean kitchen towel and then I just push it closer to me and I’ve got a clean apron on and just using a really sharp knife if you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to I like it for the look and I like it for that little extra bit of sweetness and texture and it’s chocolate the one thing is anything else I just want to keep them making little curls I can’t make fake curls at this point because I broke my chocolate bar in half but that’s okay little curls are just a beautiful and then just sprinkle them all over the top I think I’ll stop here for now that looks just so be your to fall let me get another kitchen towel I’ll cut myself a little slice it is really rich. So you don’t need a whole lot to satisfy your craving for this gorgeous thing.