How to Make Chocolate & Fruit Crepes

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

I Am Going To Make Chocolae & Fruit Crepes.


  • 5 eggs
  • 7 cups Of Flour
  • Whole Liter Of Milk
  • Chocolate Spread
  • 2 Banana
  • 10 Strawberries
  • Granulated Sugar



You just want crepe batter it’s pretty basic you have specifically 5 eggs, 7 cups of flour, whole liter of milk and this is exactly 16 ounces of water ok and then after. We get the batter all mixed up.we’re gonna move over to the fillings. I have whipped topping chocolate spread 2 bananas and 10 strawberries one of the other things French people do is they put granulated sugar on the stuff and they call it powdered sugar clearly. I’m going to start by putting in a liter of milk it’s going to go like this see pretty easy and then. We’re going to slowly stir in the flour and it’s super important’re doing this to not have chunks in the flour because when you put the crepe in the pan it’s a very very thin layer and you can see chunks and it’s unattractive. I’m going to stir in a little bit at a time.


I’ve actually done photo shoots where it’s just flour as if, I were baking and I had totally missed the bowl it’s a nice look done photo shoots with milk to baking goods are apparently highly sexual. I’m going to start adding in the eggs because it’ll make it a little bit easier to stir really all. You’re trying to do here is avoid shells that stirred in a little bit before.we add the rest so, I’m going to add in the last of the flour bringing us up to that total 7 cups all 5 eggs are used so. we’re getting to that point where it’s looking pretty smooth not some French grandmas smooth but you know like slightly domestic pornstar smooth and this is water now this is a point. Where you get to make a big decision in your crepe batter making because you can either add another roughly two and a half cups of milk at this point.


You can add about two and a half cups of water it does make a difference on how the crepe comes out it’s a little bit more like rubbery thin like the traditional French style and also it’s just convenient that it’s a prepackaged one thing. you can’t up so you can open it pour it in so far. I think literally anyone could probably accomplish. What I’ve accomplished here so we’re at a point where I feel confident enough about the smoothness of my crepe batter.I’m going to take it behind me to the stove and we’re going to start baking these bad shouldn’t say baking it’s not in the oven what do you call it. I’m gonna start making them just put the batter in the pan let’s head over here now guys this is. Where it’s gonna get a little controversial French people they eat cheese and chocolate and wine and cook with butter and they don’t gain any weight. We use a bunch of like no calorie weird spray and we gain weight looking at it.


You’re gonna have to use butter because it’s way it’s done. I turn this on to medium meat. I’m just gonna smear it around you want it super lubricated. I have this convenient little cup size scoop it seems to be a nice amount to cover the bottom of the pan so,this is cooking. We want it to get to the point.where we can flip it in one piece and want to do is cut up your fruit so, I’m just going to slice these and thin slices they lay nice and flat. When the crepe folds over bananas if, your chick doing this as a full-on presentation for your need to really work up this part alright you want to peel it all slow maybe not that one cuz this one’s gonna peel it all slow it acts like it’s like a really hot banana and then you probably want to like do stuff to it.


Which I’m not going to do because hygiene but if, you’re a chick and you’re serving it to your dude you can do that that’s a pass so, cut this like that alright fruit is cut. you want to get a good size plate for this so, I’m going to start with spread feel free to put your ad here. we want a generous amount you only want to put everything on one half of the crepe because, you’re going to fold it over right now. I have a good generous helping and want to layer it with your fruit so, then you want to sprinkle a little bit of the granulated sugar and then top it off with a nice old-fashioned American helping a whipped-cream we have a completed crepe with chocolate strawberries and bananas tada now.