How to Make a MojitoPrepare time: 15 mins
Ready in: 15 mins

I’m Gonna Show You How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberry.


  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Milk
  • Little Vegetable Oil



You’re going to start with some fresh strawberries of course and then. I use milk, chocolate chips but if, you like a darker chocolate. you can use bittersweet or semi-sweet. I just happen to love milk chocolate and a little vegetable oil 2 teaspoons now the reason. Why I’m using vegetable oil is totally flavorless but the vegetable oil is going to give me that beautiful shine on the kind of coating the chocolate a little bit it’s perfect every single time okay wanna make sure your strawberries are totally clean and dry if, there’s wet they’re not going to get the chocolate the chocolate just won’t stick to them so if,they’re wet forget it now. We’re going to do a double boiler all that is is a little pot with about an inch or so of water and you want to put a heatproof bowl over the top want to make sure that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water otherwise it scorches the chocolate chocolate burns gross.


We got that going on now let’s head over to the stove so, we can bring this to a simmer add our chocolate and cook it up my water’s up to a simmer and as. You can see it’s not boiling. I want it nice and gentle so,I want to heat the chocolate nice and gently now put my bowl over my chocolate chips in here with my two teaspoons of flavorless vegetable oil and just very gently heat the set they’ll take about five six seven minutes around then. I’m just going to just turn these in the oil just to coat them evenly and can see it’s already starting to melt see that my chocolate chips are perfectly melted and I just make sure you want to make sure you stick near near your stove.


When you’re doing this because if, you walk away 30 seconds can burn your chocolate so, just take it off the heat stir it up last couple chocolate chips or just gonna melt right in because it’s nice and level and now. Let’s go over to to the counter so,we can start dipping our strawberries that’s done get my strawberries close to me. I have a plate here with some wax can use parchment paper.whichever you have and we’re going to start dipping our strawberries now. I show you this one. I did mine remove this or you can see better get the chocolate to one side it’s nice and easy take your strawberry and just write in about 2/3 of the way in because you want to be able to see the top of the strawberry look at that thick it’s perfect it’s exactly what I want just like that and as.


You can see you can already start to see a shine on the chocolate and that is from the vegetable oil and it adds absolutely no flavor whatsoever so, you just want to work kind of quickly and dip all your strawberries in there strawberries. I’ll cut it in the chocolate find the urge to eat them right now these need to cool at room temperature for about five minutes then. We’re going to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes and they’ll be done when it’s gone on if,he’s cool just for a little bit.I’m gonna try not to eat them all but it’s really difficult. I love them alright well those cool I’m gonna clean up. I’m gonna get back here to plate them up my strawberries are absolutely perfect. I let these cool on the counter for five minutes in the fridge for 15 and they’re just as.I want them nice and firm and the chocolate doesn’t crack because we let it cook. We let them cool at room temperature first and then.we put them in the fridge which is the way to go then slide right off now. You can make it perfectly in your own home and you don’t have to go to any fancy place to buy them.


You can make them however you like them like no chocolate like. I do coat them a milk chocolate bittersweet chocolate person bittersweet chocolate a little in-between semi-sweet totally totally optional done to your liking. I hate to say this but this isn’t gonna make it mmm that is one of my guilty pleasures in life so, good mmm it isn’t crack see how the chocolate stays on the strawberry it doesn’t crack partly because it’ll be cool to let them set and parlays because the vegetable oil may be a little a little bit moistness in there so,it’s not all chocolate and it hardens really really like really hard and then by timing but into it the rice is chocolate kind of breaks and falls off.