Nonna's Chiacchiere (Italian Fried Cookies) Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
We’re Going To Make Nonna’s Chiacchiere (Italian Fried Cookies) Recipe.


  • Baking Soda
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Sugar
  • Egg Yolk
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Some Orange Liqueur



I’ll show you some substitutions sugar. I’ve got some flour in a pinch of bicarb baking soda salt a whole egg plus an egg yolk, unsalted butter that’s been softened at room temperature a glass of wine and some orange liqueur don’t want to use the orange liqueur or just yeah or the wine substitute equal amounts of orange juice that way. You can keep it completely alcohol-free it will still be delicious traditionally to be honest with you, i know you use the wine. When you’re working the dough but traditionally. You actually do use orange juice in the dough but she’s made it with orange liqueur my whole life in her whole life so, that’s just the only way..


I’ve known how to make them but they’re really really easy. You’re going to also need some frying oil.she’s kind of make a well with just flour sugar baking soda and the salt.she’s working the butter in the flour in the dry mixture basically. What you’ll kind of end up with is the mixture a really sort of it’ll be sticky but not really that stinky almost crumbly. You just have to work it for a little bit you have to be patient and like. I said she does this by hand but you can do it with.


Your standing mixer with a paddle attachment but really traditionally you make.. You do this by hand just like she does and she’s not just gonna walk away because that’s just what she does and now. She’s going to add egg yolk and the whole egg and she’s just going to continue to bring the flour close to her and mix it in and like. I said you can do the entire thing with your standing mixer with a paddle attachment. You don’t want to use a whisk attachment for
anything like this or a dough hook because just unnecessary. I don’t wanna say madame ole iguana schmidt hmm this is actually a limoncello made out of oranges.

4So, it’s kind of like an orange cello and you’re gonna just need a little bit of this you want the essence of the citrus seen but you don’t want to go too heavy so a couple tablespoons is enough and like. I said use orange juice if you’re going to use orange juice. I would suggest a little orange zest as well just to kind of give you that essence a little bit more right there nobody ready annika okay, I’m going to put a little flour on the side because when you’re working with dough like this you want to make sure. you add a little bit at a time if, you need any extra and also helps clean up your hands from the
stickiness wanted in blood dolly viola hey let it need no.

5I’m done to let it need for another minute or so, she set by hand not that long just add a little bit of wine as you need a little as you go she also makes a different cookie in their book betty. Which maybe we’ll share with you next time cindy jerry and you want to use an egg with a little bit of flour the recipe calls for a certain amount but you’re gonna need to keep adding and adding and adding until it’s no longer sticky so, that’s kind of you know she does things by eye. She doesn’t really measure.

6You don’t want them to be really hard so, she’s just gonna have a say following an eighth of an inch between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch thick is how. You want them and then. She’s got this little cute water. I think this traditionally the karate olie cutter because it’s got a like an edging on it but you know. You can do this with just a knife if, you don’t have it but one of these works well and they’re really inexpensive you can find them online – ok she’s just gonna cut them in two shrimps about 25 really thick about 4 inches wide by 4 inches wide all right just like that and you can cut them smaller if, you want to but traditionally they’re about like. I would say 4 by 2 inches and it’s got some oil boiling back here but i don’t think it’s ready just quite yet let’s check no oh yeah. She’s decided to cut all of them in half that weather easier for the little kids to grab onto and eat and we’re just going to drop them in the
oil let them fry until golden they really don’t take very long you want.

7Your oil to be at about 350 degrees or so, they don’t take very long they really do take about a couple of minutes. You don’t want to crowd your pan otherwise you all temperature will drop aspect that giovanna good so far though clearly these are golden brown and crispy and she’s going to sift over some confectioners sugar. I was gonna do it by hand but as you just saw. I almost lost both of my arms because i wanted to do that by you shouldn’t let them cool a little bit but they shouldn’t be they shouldn’t be cold they should still be a bit warm because it’s thick they stick to the powder sugar sticks to them
better and this is part of sugar she made don’t ask.