Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 35 mins
Ready in: 55 mins

I want to show you what I like to call my Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potato.


  • Some Potatoes
  • Potatoes Skin
  • Little Ranch
  • Eggs
  • Dried Onion Flakes
  • Dry Parsley
  • Some Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Melted Butter
  • Cheddar Cheese


1You love like loaded baked potatoes or potato skins and then you put a little ranch on it then this is a recipe. I always make classic potato salad and deviled eggs for Easter. I’ve melted and then here what I have are some dried onion flakes you can also use onion powder and some dry parsley which you can leave out if you want to and you need some salt and pepper that’s all you need at this stage and then later I’ll show you the rest of the ingredients.

2I’ve got my oven preheated to 400 and now we are running rock and roll I’ve got a nice baking pan big enough to hold everything nicely it’s not all in one single layer because you’re not roasting potatoes this is a bake so what I’m going to do to these potatoes is I’m going to drizzle them with my melted butter.

3They’re going to just soak it up and just be absolutely dynamite you’re going to have to trust me and then I’ve got some onion flakes and the dried parsley from soul level green and then I need some black pepper I love a lot of black pepper in my potatoes anything whether it’s french fries baked potatoes mashed potatoes I like a lot of black pepper so I go pretty generously here and a healthy pinch of salt.

4Because potatoes need salt and then what I’m going to do is just give everything a toss just to make sure that that butter is coating the potatoes nicely and then all I need to do that’s good enough all I need to do is cover these with some aluminum foil and these just need to go into the oven for an hour.

5What I like to do is I like to bake them for a 1 hour, 1 hour with for half an hour with a foil on and then half an hour with the foil off and just give them a stir every now and then just to make sure everything is getting evenly evenly colored or roasted or whatnot just make sure that if your potatoes in an hour from now are still really hard when you pierce them with a knife and they need to cook a little bit longer.

I know one hour it’s going to be plenty of time just remember half an hour with the foil on and half an hour of the foil off and I’ll show you the next step once they’re done all right I took my potatoes out of the oven about ten minutes ago they were in there for a full hour but remember 30minutes of that our wood they were covered with aluminum foil.

7I took you a little foil off let them bake for 15 minutes give them a stir let them bake for another 15 minutes and you cansee they’ve got color here and there but they’re not roasted potatoes what’s going to happen is they get really lovely and cheesy and amazing but this is what you need to do next I have some ranch dressing here I have no shame in my game I love to dip potatoes and ranch dressing whether they’re roasted whether it’s potato skins a loaded baked potato I just love it.

8I just like to take some ranch but you can toss them in there it doesn’t really matter it really does not make that much of a difference because once everything bakes together with the cheese the flavor is just kind of all meld if you will so good love potato.which is optional but for me a must some cooked bacon this is just bacon that I had cooked in the fridge and you just give it a chop into bite-size pieces again as much or as little as you want when I like my baked potatoes I like it loaded so I like to put a lot of bacon because I love those salty bites and it goes really well with the tangy dressing and then you need a really strong sharp cheddar and then just kind of cover the top of that like so and now.


I just need to pop this back into the oven I just need the cheese and everything to melt it’ll take about five to six minutes not that long keep an eye on it and then we will get to taste it I’m so excited all right so my potatoes went back in for just five minutes I just want the cheese to melt and then what I have here are some green onions because again I like green onions on potato skins on traditional potato skins anyway and I really like them on my loaded baked potato so just sprinkle a few on there like so.I want a piece of green onion a piece of potato where’s my bacon though there .