Cheesy Bacon Bombs Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 30 min


  • Bacon
  • Pillsbury grand’s flaky layers biscuits
  • Honey butter
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Wood skewers
  • Canola oil


1Cheesy bacon bottoms so one look and I knew I was going to have to make them so let’s go ahead and get started so this is an incredibly simple recipe and it’s porn down outside right now so we’re going to do this whole thing in the kitchen so all you need is some bacon some of these Pillsbury grands flaky layers biscuits I got the honey butter ones and then some mozzarella cheese.

2So the first step which is taking our cheese and you want to cut these into about 1 inch squares so we’ll cut a piece off and then we’re just going to go like that and that’s all we’re looking for so there’s little squares just like this alright so now that we’ve got our mozzarella blocks here we’re going to take our biscuits and I’m just going to cut these in half the original recipe cutting these into quarters but I don’t think that’s going to be quite enough so I got to do is just take a block of this cheese and just wrap it wrap the biscuit around the cheese just like this and then.

3I got some thick cut bacon and all we’re doing is we’re just going to wrap it all around and see how I kind of turned it then so though the whole thing is wrapped up by this bacon and then we’re just going to take a toothpick here and go all the way through to just to secure it you could use some of the longer wood skewers we’ll do this last one here just about done and again just kind of wrap it around and then rotate it so you can get all sides of the biscuit and cheese covered and get it nice and secured with a toothpick so there we go so we’ve got eight of these guys prep these look awesome alright.

4So I’ve got some canola oil heated up to 350 and my little cast-iron skillet here I’m just going to do two or three of these at a time and I’ll be flipping them in just a few minutes once the bacon starts to get brown all right now we’re going to do it just give these a little flip here they can get nice and brown and then we’ll pull these and set these on a paper towel to drain for just a couple minutes.