How to Make Caramel Apples

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs

I’m Gonna To Make Caramel Apples.


  • Soft Cramels
  • Salted Roasted Peanuts
  • Little Bit Of Milk
  • Some Apples
  • Chocolate Chips



We can get started oh you’re gonna need or some soft caramels.I’ve unwrapped this is some chopped up peanuts a little bit of milk and some apples that’s it the apples. I’m choosing are some granny smith apples. Which I’m going to use as well because the contrast of the slight tartness of the apple or the sweet caramel is a match made in heaven plus.I have some salted roasted peanuts. I’ve chopped up that.I dip these in that I think makes this that. I think really makes the apples so, delicious it’s my personal touch that. I love it’s my personal favorite thing about it and you can dip these in anything crush up cookies chocolate name it you can dip it in now let’s get right into it yes. I am using some soft store-bought caramels. I have two pieces of peanuts in there and no matter where you are and whatever country. you are I’m sure that there’s a soft caramels of some kind and you can use any kind as long as they’re soft now.


I’m gonna add in a splash of milk. I’m gonna put this over a double boiler. Which is just a pot here with about two inches of water that’s in a simmer and you want to put a heatproof Bowl right on top of it the only important thing is that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the simmering water because if, it does it can scorch the caramel and then it doesn’t work so all. I’m gonna do is just kind of just patiently sit here and stir until all the caramels have melted. I’ll show you what that looks like once it’s there my caramels have melted completely take this off and just give this a nice stir oh yeah looks amazing what is it about caramel that just. I don’t know there’s something about him that’s like it makes me very happy person now what I’ve done is.


I’ve taken these okay these are called Apple stick so, you can use lollipop sticks or anything really and then. you just want to stick them in each Apple feel nice and secure and once you have that ready he’s pretty much ready to rock and want to make sure that your apples are washed and dried and you’ve taken off the little stem at the top where does how easy it is you take each Apple you dip it in the caramel. You swirl it around that’s what I do anyway I like to make sure it’s all nice and coated and then.I dip the bottom in peanuts and then like and put them right back on the same baking sheet and then. I’m gonna pop them all into the fridge and let them set. I’ll show you what they look like once it all set after about 30 minutes in the fridge my apples have said not let me a quick tip you want to make sure that your apples before.


You dip them they’re really really cold. you want to put them in take them out of the fridge last minute because what happens is if, your apples are warm and you dip them into the caramel and you dip them into the nuts or dip them in what can happen is.when you go to sit them back down the parchment paper because everything is warm the caramel doesn’t have a chance to set so it kind of all comes out the bottom and just you have a big pile of caramel and actually it happened to me because I had one Apple that wasn’t quite as cold because.I had I had seven in the fridge in one that was on my counter but that’s okay cuz the rest of them came out just like that but this is one of my personal one that.I’m gonna dig into. I’m Nanyan my favorite treat of Halloween right here hmm it’s easy and simple the caramel is super sticky.