How to Make Candied Bacon Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Cook: 50 mins
Ready in: 55 mins

I’m Going To Make Candied Bacon Recipe.


  • Some Bacon
  • Maple Syrup
  • Brown Sugar
  • Little Bit Of Cayenne
  • Little Bit Of Oil



We’re going to pop it into the oven we’re not going to get bacon grease everywhere so, it’s easy it’s easy to clean up it’s just and it’s incredibly awesome. You’ll need like four ingredients very simple starting off with some bacon now. What I’ve done here this is some thick cut bacon and what I’ve done is. I’ve taken a baking sheet and lined it really well with some part some aluminum foil and this helps because.when the maple syrup tends to burn a little bit because it is you know this sugar in it especially since. I’m adding some brown sugar as well maple syrup brown sugar it’s a little bit of cayenne it helps with cleanup now. I’ve got a wire rack here you want to make sure. your rack is ovenproof safe and I’ve just laid my bacon on top of my wire rack that ensures that the bacon gets crispy all around that the air goes around the bacon and gets really crispy all around it doesn’t say.


You want to just put the bacon on the baking sheet by itself the bottom will be soggy so,there’s a great tip there now what I have here is some maple syrup a touch of brown sugar just a small pinch of cayenne pepper because in all things life and food balance is key and for me. I need a little something hot with a sweet and salty so, I just a match made in heaven. I’ve got my oven preheated to 400 and what I’m gonna do now is gonna pop my bacon in there for 10 to 15 minutes or until it’s a lightly golden brown and starting to crisp up a bit. I’ll take it out and in the meantime. We’ll get going on making the glaze which takes like four seconds while the bacon finishes up in the oven for just a couple more minutes. I’m going to take my maple syrup brown sugar and cayenne.


I’m going to put them in a small sauce pan and just cook these together along just long enough for the brown sugar to kind of melt in there and it’s only going to take like once this starts to get this once this comes the temperature and it starts to boil a little bit it’ll take one minute literally it just takes no time at all you just want to bit the the brown sugar just to dissolve a little bit so it’s not like chunky going on to the bacon. So,I’m going to let this do its thing for literally a minute and the meantime going to grab my bacon and get going on the last step the bacon was in the oven for 12 minutes to be exactly now that’s going to vary just a little bit depending on how thick your thick up bacon is now.I’m going to take my mixture which literally took 1 minute started to boil it took less than a minute and it was good to go.


I’m going to generously paint this on my bacon and this is definitely going to add lovely color and flavor to the bacon.I just do a couple of layers of it until.I run out it’s really so,tonight fall surged us along maybe Eggs Benedict or maybe with it. I wouldn’t put if. I was doing eggs benedict. I would maybe do like instead of use instead of doing the Canadian bacon.I would maybe do something like this or you can serve this on the side and just serve homemade English muffins with poached eggs that would be just lovely pop this back in the oven for 5 6 minutes or until it’s beautiful golden brown and crispy let it cool slightly and then. You’re ready to serve and I’m ready to dig in my bacon went back in for about six minutes after it was Claes. I mean it looks magnificent it’s golden brown it’s crispy but it’s not overly cooked so,it’s like crumbles it’s just perfection.


I mean look at that if,you come close you can see the glaze on the on the bacon mmm the best bacon ever mm by the way as. you see underneath the rack the kind of burned pieces of sugar maple syrup that’s why excuse me that’s why I like to line my baking sheet with a little bit of oil that way you don’t have to sit there and scrub scrub scrub for hours you just kind of rip it up and throw it out and you’re good to go this is the best bacon in the world and it’s a great side dish.