Campfire Seafood Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr

We’re Gonna Makes Bread Campfire Seafood.


  • Some Salmon Collars
  • Little Soy Sauce
  • Bear
  • Shell On Shrimp
  • A Little Butter
  • Ice Cold



We’re gonna make a little dinner back here got this pretty sweet cooler and it really allows me to bring other types of foods into the woods other than just the usual stuff you know hamburgers and hot dogs. So we got some oysters patagonian wild red shrimp very nice we’ve got some langoustines all the way from friends down in New Zealand and then I got some salmon collars that I’m soaking in a little soy sauce bear with the bag. They’re gonna get real pretty on the grill first fish. We’re gonna do salmon collars put those right over there. Let them smoke. Let them cook a little just skin side down. First I got the shell on shrimp so yeah we’re just gonna throw these right on the grill. now I’m not gonna clean them or nothing just throw them right on cook them through. But now I’m not crazy, and then I’ll put them in the cast iron over there. We’re just hanging out put a little butter in it some spices and we’ll do like a little spicy kind of buttery shrimp thing I mean how bad could that be. He’s gonna want to flip these little these little bugs up real nice little shrimp I just wanted to get a little smoke a little char on to the skin so as they start to you know the ones in the hotter spots. I can just put right back into here you know I need to invent something for smoke in your eyes you know how are you doing over there Vinny oh yeah then maybe they call that goggles.


Now the thing how here’s a good little little tip hot when you’re cooking fish if the skin doesn’t want to release weight it will when it’s ready this one’s starting to move around look at the color on that huh and what’s nice about the collars is that they’re relatively cheap as they’re getting more popular they they seem to be getting a little more expensive their fatty. They’re delicious but they’re also kind of tough you know it’s not like a big floppy flakies filet we called the collar because that guess that you know the collar it’s like right behind the head before the fillet that little chunk. there where that little fin is the fan well what’s fin then fish have several fin they got these fin. I think they call them the pectoral fins, and then they got I think the dorsal okay different species have all different kinds of ends don’t really need to too much put a little bit of lemon in there. Let that get a little color all right I got a little bit of spice so custom blend. Here I’m just gonna let that heat up and then I’ll put it off to the side again. I’m gonna have a little bit of butter to these shrimp. Let that melt start getting nice a little bit paper. I got a mixture here it’s like a little little riff on like Old Bay. Now you got another little thing here it’s kind of like a leper but it’s called it’s like a morass but beer you know the salmon collars you can tell when they’re done you start probing around when the meat goes from that leg almost very glossy deep almost red orange to that more opaque. You know lighter pink the fish is done and the collars can really take a hammering of heating there.


So fatty it’s almost like you want to cook them pretty hard the shrimp shrimp cook pretty fast anyway the best way to check is to take one out cut it open the shrimp should be white all the way through not too like that translucent raw kind of shrimp looking. I mean again this isn’t theirs these are references these are ideas that hopefully you guys can find some inspiration on get out in the woods and cook for yourself it’s not like Oh cook this shrimp for 15 minutes because your fire is gonna be a little different your hot spot might be a little colder than mine. We’re you know we walked in about 15 minutes. I just want to get into the woods and get out of the kitchen and just try different things look at those shrimp that’s a beautiful thing. So let’s try to get that a little little chat up then we’ll flip them around get those claws of cooking I want to finish him in the potatoes yeah langoustines very similar it’s almost a little mix between like a giant shrimp and a lobster I’ve been wrong before maybe we should google that one whoa no huh don’t use your tongs here bonehead lemon squeezy squeeze so we just melted some butter in there I put a little bit of that Old Bay riff on there and some scallions and a little bit of green garlic in there too that’ll be a nice little sauce for the Lang goes for the shrimp or whatever you want you know all right we got some nice juices coming out of the heads of these langostinos are starting to happen pretty good tails starting to curl little usually it kind of cooks like a small lobster.


So I’m just gonna place them oh alright for me like a perfect grilled oyster is like 70% raw so like the outside gets a little color doesn’t look raw it looks cooked but in the inside when you eat it it’s just piled little ocean popper man ooh ocean popper Vinny no cut don’t fill this so you guys haven’t learned anything you want meeting that film son you certainly don’t say Vinny don’t film this so you got your flat side and then you got the cup outside so I like to take the cup side down and as they get hot they’ll start to pop open a little oasis like I said they really depend on the size cook times go and how you like them because you can just eat these raw so let’s face it it really comes down to personal preference as soon as they start to pop open is what I like to eat them soon as they open up all right you just put them on a little plate let them cool off a little oh this is it babe so it’s got that little inductor on top I like to cook oh yeah look at that bud like I said cooked on the outside a little but you could tell that’s raw on the inside sill ooh boom a little appetizer everything else is done we’re good to eat no meaty man look at that cooked all the way through oh that’s good ma’am I’m not just saying that that’s good Oh get some more oh that was God that shrimp there.


Oh look I’m gonna peel oh god yeah oh yeah we’re gonna have any huh you know that buttery salmon oh good god tell me you don’t like salmon I’ll tell you try caller perfect fatty it’s almost like it’s almost like salmon belly oh it’s delicious. All right what I’m gonna do here take my long time do the old long stretch. I’m gonna pull that little heat element out now cuz we’re done cooking. We have enough little coals under there just to keep our food hot all right we could all gather around the campfire me and all my friends so you stumble across someone in the back of the woods here cooking man that smells a little funny hon I don’t smell like hot dogs hamburgers little bratwurst.