Cailles en Sarchophage Recipe

We’re This Week We’re Delving Some Fudge Or Quail In Sarcophagus.


  • Some Black Truffles
  • Homemade Puff Pastry
  • Egg
  • Parchment Paper
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil


I’m always excited to buy some black truffles and to use up the rest of the homemade puff pastry. I made last week how convenient is that start by cutting four or five inch rounds out of one sheet of puff pastry placing them onto a parchment lined baking sheet rolling us a more puff pastry cutting the same size rounds. Then using a pastry cutter to cut a 1-inch border for our sarcophaguses sarcophagi for once it’s easier to say in French brush the edges of the pastry rounds with eggs to act as a sort of glue pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. You want to do that as late as possible so you don’t heat up the room and start melting the butter in your puff pastry top with the pastry borders and brush the whole thing down with more egg.

Then we’re gonna put a sheet of parchment paper on top. This is going to help the pastry rise more evenly halfway through baking about 12 minutes remove the parchment paper so our little guys can Brown. Now it’s time to snip open our partially deboned quail these scales have been deboned except for the legs and wings. we’re going to stuff each with a little bit of foie gras, and then we’re going to flank the foie gras with thin slices of black truffle. Normally I’d use a truffle shaver but that was using a knife. So I’m just gonna try to cut them as thin as possible place them on each side like so and don’t forget to season your birds inside and out with salt and pepper.

3The last thing we want these very expensive ingredients to be is bland. Now it’s time to wrap up our little birdies and gently tuck them into their caskets run a paring knife around the inside edge of the pastry removing the lid and creating the little quail sarcophagus yes these birds that ended up being a little bit too big for my pastry. But if you think that I’m gonna make a new batch of puff pastry from scratch then you’re a very very silly person rub the birds down with a little bit of olive oil and place in a 425 degree fahrenheit oven for about 25 minutes in the meantime. We’re going to make the fig sauce start by sauteing a finely chopped shallot and a little bit of olive oil over medium-low heat until soft, and translucent crank up. The heat add some quartered figs and saute for 1 minute before deglazing with a few tablespoons of Madeira wine.

4Get your fire extinguisher ready crank the heat throw in some cognac, and ignite I don’t get to have massive fires on this show often enough shake the pan until your very sure that all the flames are out alcohol flames can be invisible sometimes so be careful. We’re gonna throw in a solid three-quarters of a cup of Demi glass. I have some of this homemade stuff that I’ve frozen season with salt and pepper to taste and when I say to taste I mean give it a taste you should always taste your food as you cook it and season sauces right at the end let’s get our slightly oversized birds out of the oven and let them rest for about five minutes before plating up and saucing.

5Also I threw the pastry tops in the oven in the last few minutes of cooking just to crisp them up a little bit scatter the figs and sauce around the pastry sarcophagus and finally it’s time to dig in now. I need to say in full honesty this was one of those dishes that just did not live up to the hype it costed like a hundred dollars to make two of these things and to me.