Cabbage Rolls - Polish Gołąbki Recipe

Prepare time: 30 min
Cook: 60 min
Ready in: 1 hr 30 min

Today I’m Going To Show You How To Make Cabbage Rolls.


  • 1/3 Pound Head Of Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Two Large Mushrooms
  • Three-Quarters Of A Cup Of Rice
  • 1/4 Cup Of Parsley
  • One And A Half Teaspoons Of Salt
  • One Pound Of Ground Sirloin
  • Tomato
  • Sour Cream


1The first thing you do is you get a large pot of water cooking on the stove this is already boiling because the first thing we do is we steam the cabbage to stopping it. So you can roll it up now if you can find a big head of cabbage like this this is perfect it’s about a three pound head of cabbage, and the best kind is a kind that’s fairly smooth and not real bumpy for rolling. So if you can’t find a big one like that you just use two smaller ones but this is 1/3 pound head of cabbage.The first thing we do is we take out the core you get a sharp a small knife like this and you just cut out the core because you have to have access to the pulleys leaves off OOP there it goes there’s the core.

2So this gets set aside and this gets put into the water you can see it’s boiling core side down into the boiling water cover it up and we’re going to reduce it the heat so it’s just kind of simmers for about 10 minutes so I’ll set my timer for 10 minutes.You let that soften up and while that’s going on you can start to make the filling so you need to saute something so I’m going to move this to the back of the stove and put it on the back burner just so you can see what I’m doing here so there it’s on the back burner okay so now we have a saute pan which is heated up to about medium-high and what we’re going to do is saute onions and garlic of course I always start everything with onions and garlic.

3So I have chopped up here one cup of onion fairly small he chopped up and one clove of garlic and of course I put them in the garlic press. So I’ll put that together with the onion here comes the garlic. There’s the garlic this is very flexible a little bit more a little bit less is not a big deal with something like this it’s not like baking a cake so in the pan that’s preheated we’re gonna put about a tablespoon of olive oil my dad used to use butter for this. So you can see the difference but mine’s olive oil okay in goes the onions and garlic I think you need onions and garlic it makes just about anything tasty so there it is because okay around.

4Now we’re gonna saute this for about five minutes over a medium-high okay it’s been actually maybe three or four minutes and they’re browning up nicely so I would say you know some three to five minutes on the onions get them nice and brown. Like that onions and garlic now we’re going to add this is two large mushrooms. So it’s about a cup and a half of mushrooms finely diced or two big mushrooms doesn’t it again. Doesn’t have to be exact that goes into the mix right here and you saute these together for about another two minutes okay I think it’s been about seven or eight minutes total here and it looks like it’s ready.

5So this is the beginning of your stuffing and you put it in a bowl so that it can start to cool oh that smells unbelievable onions garlic and mushrooms you can imagine. Okay that’s it that’s the beginning so that’s gonna sit and cool for a few minutes while we get the cabbage ready okay I believe the cabbage is done and it’s time to remove it. Now what I’ve done is I take a sheet a big baking pan with a rim because there’s a lot of water going to come with the cabbage.

6I put it up as close as possible and then you have to find some something strong to pull this cabbage out because it’s three pounds is pretty heavy okay here it goes onto there turn this off now. Now also don’t throw the water out because you might want this water when you get down to the core of the cabbage if it’s not soft enough you may want to whoops I better use this you may want to put it back in the hot water. Okay so there it is now what you can do is take a couple of forks and just start to separate it a little bit so that it cools off because you have to be able to handle it alright.

7So we have the onions garlic and mushrooms in here and to this we’re going to add 3/4 of a cup of rice I use uncle ben’s converted rice for this for three-quarters of a cup of rice, 1/4 cup of parsley and I end you know generous on the parsley a good quarter cup of parsley really really helps this dish okay we’re going to add one and a half teaspoons of salt so there’s one and a half and lots of nice fresh ground pepper and then two more things one is the ground beef which is right here it’s one pound of ground sirloin.

8The last thing is tomato now this is this is my tomato of choice right here I’ve seen this in the stores if you can get this get the pommy strained Tomatoes it’s just pure tomato no sodium added nothing is added so if you can’t find this you can also use canned tomato puree but this is what I’m using and I have 1 cup of that here and that’s everything that’s going to go in the filling right here okay and you have to mix it up and gonna have to use my glove because it’s a pretty messy job.

9It’s definitely something you want to do by hand because it’ll take you forever otherwise so there there it is there’s your stuffing you just kind of go under and you know kind of fold it and stuff and mix it all together mix it really well that’s all mixed up ready to go there’s the stuffing now we’re gonna get the cabbage ready and I’ll bring that over here and show you how to do that ok. I’ve cleared some space and now we’ll get the cabbage leaves ready besides separating them.

10You will have to do a little bit of slicing on here I’ll show you how so you separate the leaves so far there I’m able to handle these although they’re still pretty warm and what you do is usually the outer leaves this is a really great head of cabbage because it was real tight the outer leaves tend to be very dark green as sometimes they rip so you put the outer ones that aren’t as attractive off to the side. We’re going to put them on the top of the cabbage rolls and so you start to put aside the good leaves.

11Like that there’s one two three at this point when you get halfway through it’s stuck to the core because I couldn’t get that far in you just go around and cut it away again each of the leaves. You’re going to roll with you take a sharp small knife like this and you have to cut off this because it’s going to get in the way and they’ll keep you from rolling a nice tight cabbage roll so you just cut that off on all the all the leaves all the ones you’re going to use just like that. Okay so I was preparing the leaves.

12I think I have about 16 leaves but as I got to the center and this can happen there’s still a little bit hard you can see that’s a little bit too hard so that’s why you keep the water going. Put a little more filling in so you take a big scoop of filling you put it in here so I roll it like this. This is the the end that I cut the other what do you call that the thing you just roll like that you turn in the edges and you keep rolling okay and then it goes in the pan let me put the pan right here so you can see a seam side down is good doesn’t have to be because they’re all going to kind of cook up anyway the rib.

13That’s what I was trying to think of so here’s another one the big scoop like that you roll it up with the ribbond fur just use that to kind of tuck it in tuck in the edges and that’s too all right so two more to go here’s number 15 and this would be number 16 and I think your hope to wind up with the right amount but I can I can stop this one really full okay so that’s 16 okay now here’s one more step that you have to do and that is pour over some liquid now here’s the thing there are so many things you can put on top of this it’s 3/4 of a cup of whatever you choose you can use water you can use beef stock you can use some of the cabbage water it’s actually very good because it has a nice cabbage flavor.

14You can mix it with tomato some people put only tomato but I like I like it with more water so what I’m gonna do is do 3/4 of a cup. I’ll take some of the cabbage water sometimes I like to mix so this is a 1 cup measure so this I’m gonna use this much water and I can use this doesn’t matter and that’s about 3/4 of a cup it doesn’t have to be exact when you do 1 cup you can do 1 cup but you’ll wind up with juice in the bottom and and if you like that you can thicken it and use it as a sauce but the way I have always had them growing up is we just look.

15We’ve brown them in a little olive oil and make them brown and have them with sour cream so anyway so you kind of mix this up sure it’s mixed yeah you just pour this over the cabbage rolls about 3/4 of a cup as I said up any kind of liquid and then you put the the broken cabbage leaves on the top like this and you can also put sauerkraut on the top I’ve done that too I’ve used sauerkraut juice and put sauerkraut on the top and it they come out really really good.

16So there’s another leaf and I think this is enough right here just kind of cover them up and then you cover this with foil and put it in the oven if you have a 13 by 9 pan with a lid that’s great I can never find one so it has to be done with foil and as a precaution I’m gonna get rid of this water as a precaution you can put it on it on a baking sheet like this because one time and only one time it leaked into the into the oven so just as a safety I would say just kind of wipe out the pan.

17You can put it on here it goes into a preheated 350 degree oven for one and a half hours okay all right here it goes it’s a long time but it really needs that time for the cabbage to cook and everything to cook together beautifully so one and a half hours and once they cook for an hour and a half they really need to rest for at least 30 minutes preferably overnight so the moisture all goes into the cabbage rolls and also they freeze really well too so that’s because you have to make so many all right so it’s what they’re gonna look like right here see you just peel back this cabbage.
That you put on top which you can eat by the way.