Buffalo Blue Burger Recipe

Ready in: 20 min


  • Bison or Buffalo
  • Sweet onion rings
  • Marinated
  • Wing sauce
  • Some potato starch
  • Flour
  • Pinko breadcrumb
  • Marinated onion ring
  • Beef tallow
  • Little salt
  • Seed buns
  • Blue cheese
  • Crispy bacon
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Slice a tomato
  • Wing sauce


1I want to make buffalo wing but I wanted to do this burger without chicken I wanted to use bison or Buffalo and this next component I think is going to really give it that buffalo wing vibe kind of thing. what I’ve done here is I’ve chopped up a sweet onion into about quarter inch rings and I’ve marinated this overnight and this stuff right here.

2This is Frank’s red hot and this is their wing sauce so I’m kind of cheating a little bit but makes it easier this stuff’s actually pretty good. what I have here is some potato starch. Now you can use all-purpose flour.Then I have here pinko breadcrumbs. So go ahead and take our marinated onion ring. A little bath so to speak in this breading here I’m going to dip it back in there.

3Hot sauce go ahead and cover this with a pinko and there you go that’s what we’re looking at I’m going to go ahead and finish up the rest of these onions and then I will meet you out at the grill. okay the Weber’s preheated I’ve got my custom flattop insert in here along with the create court cast iron skillet in stir and I’ve got beef tallow in here beef lard in here. Makes everything wonderful so as far as seasoning these patties I’m just going to go really simple with a little salt.

4I’ve got that Frank’s red hot going on so I don’t really need much more heat that on the flattop .A little bit more salt on the other side.Now we’re going to get those onion rings.These are looking insane. I’m going to go ahead and get these on paper towel here. Have some good color coming up this is burger I’m going to go ahead and give it a flint.

5Alright I just have some regular old sesame seed buns we’re going to go ahead and get a little bit of a toast on these.Alright now what I have here is some blue cheese some crumbled blue cheese with some crumbled crispy bacon that I cooked up and go ahead and get this on top of the burger.

6That stainless steel lid think your little water here and there we have it let’s make a burger. Alright the first thing I’m going to do is just plate up some of these crazy onion rings here .We’re going to lay down a little bit of green leaf lettuce. Let’s slice a tomato and you get that insane bison burger on here. A couple of those onion rings down. Little ranch dressing. Some more of that Frank’s red hot wing sauce and the top bun.