Brie en Croute Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 28 mins
Ready in: 38 mins

I Want To Show You How To Make A Very Simple But Beautiful Appetizer My Brief With Wrapped Puff Pastry With Pecans Cranberries Honey.



  • Some Dried Cranberries
  • Some Chopped Pecans
  • A Little Bit Of Flour
  • Some Egg
  • A Tomato
  • The Honey
  • Little Cookie Cutters
  • A Couple Tablespoons Of Honey



We get started of course we’re going to go over the ingredients so let’s do it you’re going to some store-bought puff pastry a wheel of Brie. You’re gonna need some dried cranberries, some chopped pecans a little bit of flour, some egg wash which is just an egg being with water, and the honey that’s it this couldn’t be easier but it’s such a beautiful beautiful little thing. So first we want to do is roll out the puff ball first thing you wanted was get you up into 400 of course second thing I want to do is we’re going to roll out the puff pastry. So just put this over here make some room sprinkle but extra flour at the top and just roll this out. So it’s a little bit bigger than we started with that looks good enough just measure the wheel of the breeze so picture that so I know that if I cut like this that’ll give me plenty to work with so that’s what I’m going to do that looks like. It’s going to be great don’t throw this away because I’m going to show you actually. I’m going to do it right now you take little cookie cutters. You can use any shape I just happen to have little fall shaped ones, and then I’m just going to make a couple little ones a couple little cuts shapes, and you know me.


I’m not a fancy-pants by any means but this is just something that really makes the dish look super festive and I like that once in a while it’s not that bad just cut that out and we’ll do this one that’s it. Now set those aside get rid of this put this back here put this over here because we’re going to work on the filling. Now I’m going to grab a little Bowl handy-dandy. I’m going to put I’m not going to need all of this so I’m just going to put whatever I think. I’m going to need right here guess it’s plenty and I’m going to put a couple tablespoons of honey in here. It’s really all up to you if you like it super super sweet and I say you put a bit more but that’s perfect just using a little spoon just going to mix this up as well as you can possibly do it it does not have to be perfect now. It looks better than I thought I was going to get to it stretch this out touch put this mixture right down here get it as flat as you can manage. I have friends coming around for supper tonight.


Now using the egg wash we’re just going to brush right around the border and this just kind of helps it stick. Now I’m just going to pull up the sides and if you feel like oh I don’t have enough you can always stick some more from here, and just you know put it on there but this is going to be the bottom anyway. So does not have to be perfect at all that looks great. I’m going to just pop this right on here. Now I told you that was going to be the bottom that’s perfect. I’m going to take this fork just going to prick that I want the steam to escape a touch. So it doesn’t explode take this a bit more of the top just to make it nice, and glossy. I’m actually just going to run it around the bottom as well on the sides I should say and this also acts as a glue for your little sheets these will puff up and be super cute and adorable. Now this is going to go into your preheated oven 400 for around 20 minutes or until it’s puffed and golden brown now this big for 20 minutes and then you want to let it cool for about 10 minutes because otherwise if you cut into it the cheese is so hot, and it’s melting. It’ll just run right out so you kind of wanted to set a little bit before you slice it I’ll show you what it looks like first of all the outside is so beautiful and puff and golden and just move this.