Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Ready in: 35 mins

I Want To Show You How To Make A Breakfast Pizza.


  • Some Bacon
  • Shredded Mozzarella
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Some Pizza Seasoning
  • Some Eggs
  • Pizza Dough



You’ll need are actually not very many you need some bacon of course what I have here are some slices of bacon that I just had cooked already and crumbled you can see there are just something like little bite-size pieces. I’ve got lots of shredded mozzarella Jonel but I have here some leftover sauteed spinach you just want to make sure that if you’re using spinach you want to squeeze out any excess liquid you can use any budget you like or none at all and I also had some beautiful cherry tomatoes actually grape tomatoes so,I’m using some of those I’ve got some pizza seasoning.I also need some eggs of course and you need some pizza dough you can do one or two things when it comes to pizza dough you can make it homemade.I’ve got my oven preheated to 500 I want it really really hot and now I’m ready to rock and roll so I have a pizza stone in there I’ve got a floured surface you can see you want a little bit of flour but not too.


I’ve had pizza with kimchi on it.I’m going to put on my bacon you can put as much or as little bacon as you want you could do turkey bacon regular bacon whatever bacon you want you can also do breakfast sausage left over cooked sausage.I like to have my spinach you can do zucchini Brussels sprouts whatever you don’t have to do a veg at all but I do quite like a little bit of green I might not use all of the spinach you never know I don’t want to make my pizza super soggy okay and then oh how gorgeous does that look already I love that it’s like I’m my own little artiste over here and then I’ve got some cherry tomatoes I am NOT adding any salt to this at this point.


I will salt my eggs a little bit when it’s time for them.I’m not adding any salt at this point because the bacon and the cheese are quite salty so,I don’t need to add any additional salt ovens nice and hot my pizza stone in there it’s been preheating with my oven.I’ve got a few cherry tomatoes.I like to put them topside cut side up doesn’t really matter like that and then your need your pizza seasoning all this is is oregano garlic hot pepper flakes onion all those beautiful flavors that you traditionally would eat on Pizza like that a little goes a long way because this is quite spicy. I’m making my own and I add a tonne of hot pepper flakes and then a good grading of parm over the whole thing and now.I’m just going to pop this into the oven for about 6 to 7 minutes.


I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there some time to take a little bit less so a little bit more.I’ll show you what we’re looking for now this was in for seven minutes.I just took it out you can see it’s not fully cooked yet so,I’m going to add my eggs on now and now for one about this size.I would say about four eggs will be perfect and you want the whites to kind of ooze everywhere so don’t panic now how long this goes back for or how long your eggs need to cook for its total preference some people do not like a runny yolk at all so if that’s the case you want to cook it for another six or seven minutes if,you’re like a really runny yolk put it back in for like four minutes and it should do the trick it’s completely up to you I will not show you a runny yolk because I know that some people really dislike that so I’m going to be respectful I just put it back in until the yolks are set which should be another five to six minutes or so then.I’ll show you what this looks like when it is done all right so my pizza went back in with the eggs on for about seven minutes until the eggs were completely set.


I checked it at four minutes exactly and the eggs were really nice and runny so if,you like a runny egg then you’d want to take it out after four minutes the crust itself doesn’t darken that much by leaving it in two three minutes longer so,don’t worry about that cuz as you can see it looks gorgeous but for me once.I put the eggs on it went back in for about seven minutes until the yolks were set if,you want to you can make little wells right here right here right here and right here for the eggs to be perfectly like on the perimeter of the pizza but to me doesn’t make any difference especially when I’m going to just dive right into it and I want the eggs to kind of break up but like I said today they’re not gonna be super young runny or anything don’t be slightly runny.I do like a slightly runny egg but nothing too crazy so don’t worry about that see Oh see it’s not so so runny so don’t worry about that if,you’d like it even cooked even more than by all means leave it in there for another minute.