Prepare time: 2 hrs
Cook: 25 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs 25 mins

We Gonna Make A Braided Nutella Bread Recipe.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Whole Milk
  • Melted Unsalted Butter
  • Yeast
  • Nutella



We’ll need are few basic and simple ones starting with an all-purpose flour a good pinch of salt granulated sugar, some warm water some, whole milk melted unsalted butter, yeast and a little tiny bit more sugar and you’re gonna need of course Nutella but that’s going to come in a little bit for now we’re gonna get going on making our dough which is so easy.I have some water here that’s up the temperature at about 115 degrees Fahrenheit and to that I’m going to add in my yeast and just a little bit of sugar the sugar just helps the yeast activate a little bit faster. I’m going to put that in there give it a gentle little stir and then set it aside until it’s activated.I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s activated now a lot of people ask me.when I make yeast dough it doesn’t rise it comes out really hard what am I doing wrong it’s absolutely crucial that your yeast is activated before you move on to the next step.


I were to add my yeast that hasn’t activated it to my recipe it won’t rise and your yeast it’ll have a few issues one it’s expired so make sure you check the expiration on your container to use water if,it’s too hot and therefore it kill the yeast when three used water that was too cold and it was too cold for you to activate so make sure that you keep those in mind when you are working with yeast now. I’m going to make things really easy and simple on myself I’m going to make this in my standing mixer and to that. I’m going to add in my flour sugar and salt I’m going to give this a quick little stir and now I’m going to just put this on weight form actually clip it on and I’m going to wait for my knees to be activated and then we’ll add all of the liquid you can see that my yeast is activated it’s nice and foamy and a really smells it smells like a bakery in here that’s when you know your yeast is ready now I’m going to add this to my flour mixture.


I’m gonna make sure I get every single bit of this out and I want to leave anything behind and I’m also going to add in my whole milk no skin no fat free gotta have the whole milk and some unsalted butter that I’ve melted and it’s slightly cold now and now.I’m gonna do let’s raise this up and then mix it on medium speed for about five to six minutes or until your dough comes together and I’ll show you what it looks like once there but give it a gentle scrape around the edges if you think it needs it go just now this has been mixing for about seven minutes and now.I do want to warn you that if in the beginning when it starts to mix it looks like it’s all’re going to be tempted to add more liquid but don’t just let it mix let it need because once that flour absorbs all the liquid then you’re left with this gorgeous thing.I mean it’s got little dimples in it it’s got little I mean look at that I mean it’s perfect it’s absolutely perfect I’m just shaping this into a ball nothing perfect I’ve got the bowl did I have my flour and I’m going to oiled with some vegetable oil.


Now I’m just going to take whatever is left over around the sides and then just brush it on the top because I don’t want this to form any ugly skin or anything.I’m going to wrap this in plastic wrap stick it somewhere warm and allow it to rise for about an hour to an hour and a half sometimes two it really all depends on how warm the environment. you’re putting this in is and how draft-free it is if,I were to put this near my kitchen door and I’m open to the door constantly then the draft is gonna it’s not going to make this rise so keep it somewhere nice and warm what nice and warm and my favorite spot.I told you guys is a million times.


I stick it right into the microwave.I don’t turn it microwave on I stick it in there that way it’s not disturbed and most of the time I turn the oven on something else or the warmth from the oven rises up into the microwave and it makes this rise really nice and quickly so when we cover this up that arise and then we’ll proceed my dope has been rising for about an hour and a half and it looks beautiful.I’m going to uncover this and actually save the plastic because this needs to rest for a bitch so now I want to get it out of here actually have a dough scraper let me get a little tiny bit of flour on my work surface so that nothing sticks oh so beautiful I love it a lot of people.

6I don’t but I love working with yeast dough I think there’s just no greater pleasure than when your yeast dough just comes out perfect now I’m going to make two smaller loaves you can make one giant one of you one two and make two smaller ones because one. I’m going to give away and what I’m going to keep so I’m going to just divide my dough in half set this half aside and then work with this one and just flour my surface a bit more okay I can stretch this with my hands if you need to get a rolling pin out by all means go ahead and do so but as you can see doing it with my hand works really well.

7I think I’ve had so much experience working with dough that I know what I’m looking for but you know maybe just to make you happy I’ll get a rolling pin out that looks good I want it to be about I’d say eight or nine inches wide not even know how long but it works then I’ve got my Nutella this is just my favorite you guys know I am i sucker for this stuff.I grew up eating it so any way shape or form I can eat this I do spread this over the surface of your dough don’t go all the way to the edge because as you rolled is it’s going to kind of spill out a bit but do try to get it as even as you can and now like a jelly roll so like starting from the longer edge.

8You are going to just roll this baby like so make sure I’m just going to cut off that little piece make sure you pinch the ends on one side like that and then you take your knife leave about a half an inch up here not cut slice it like so and then that’s what’s exposed okay so then this is a two strand braid it’s really simple and really easy all you’re going to do is you are going to wrap this around each other like that and then just make sure you pinch the bottom and now I’m going to repeat the same thing with the other one I’m going to put this on my baking sheet it is a bit messy but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done I put this on my baking sheet and then move on to the other one let me clean up just a little tiny bit I’m just going to cover them like so really loosely with the plastic wrap and then just let them rest for about a half an hour and then.

9We will be ready to bake them I know they look messy now but trust me. when I tell you these will be a showstopper when they come out of the oven these beauties were in the oven for around 25 minutes.I have let them cool completely and they look.I mean really I mean let’s let’s be real here can we just take a second to look at this and now like.I mentioned before you can make one big one it would be gorgeous but I’m making two I’m gonna give this one away tomorrow to friends because it is looking at just a little bit now that’s looking better. I’m cutting it on an angle because that way I get a much bigger slice smells like look at that it just smells like pine and Nutella when I was growing up my mother always took Nutella and like we she would spread it on a piece of a Halim bread and this is kind of like that except it’s all in one and all mixed together the outside of the Nutella kind of hardens a little bit and Keaton becomes like a chocolate coating.