How to Make Bolognese SaucePrepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 1 hr 25 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 35 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Bolognese Sauce Recipe.


  • Some Ground Beef
  • Some Chopped Onions
  • Chopped Fresh Carrots
  • Some Frozen Defrosted Baby Peas
  • Salt
  • Red Wine
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Pastas
  • Olive Oil
  • Some Pepper
  • Fresh Basil



We need you need some ground beef, some chopped onions, chopped fresh carrots, some frozen defrosted baby peas, red wine, crushed tomatoes of course. you can use whatever kind of in the mood for but make sure it’s got lines on it if, you can find pappardelle use them because that’s the be pasta for the sauce. I just kind of find any so,I’m using rigatoni and of course. You’re not going anywhere with that olive oil, some pepper now. let’s go to stove because,we’re gonna start cooking browning things up sauteing. Let’s do it now. We’re gonna add our these guys.I have a large hand preheating with about three tablespoons of olive oil and that in my beef.I’m going to just break it up a bit that’s the way Stan you keep going ass is all broken up.


You’re going to cook it and so this is about cook group and not all the way just keep an eye on it break it up medium-high heat there’s myself another cooking club to choose the best cook three is perfect as. You can see it’s not close all the way that’s fine now is the stage. Where we add in the onion and this is just one medium onion finely cropped and award carrot now. I should say that start any of this get a nice big pot with water coming to a boil because sometimes the long is when you’re making a sauce the pasta sauce the thing that takes the longest is for the water to come to a boil. So,I’ll get that out of the way before you even start cooking so,get that done then start cup chopped enough.your vegetables now. I’m added my.I’ve added my arm onions and carrots and this is going to take about five minutes or so,five to seven minutes for the carrots and onions to start cook down get translucent and really good nice and soft and ready for the tomatoes and the red wine but you only leave it alone.


You don’t want to rush it medium-high heat five to seven minutes the onions are nice and translucent now and my carrots start to cook down so now. I’m going to add in a glass bowl of white wine put a cup just want to cook it for like 30 seconds just to get the alcohol to cook out it’s gonna take that long.I do want to season it with a song pepper because you know how. I like to season every element on my dish salt pepper stir this up medium-high. I haven’t touched it yet and now we’re going to add in one 28-ounce can of crushed Italian Tomatoes now I know then my viewer asked for bolognese sauce made with fresh tomatoes but to be completely honest with you. I try making it with fresh tomatoes and it doesn’t work because they don’t have enough juices and they aren’t as sweet and it’s soft it’s can tomatoes or so,what I’m suggesting is that you find a really good good kind of you know Italian crushed tomatoes in a can it works just as fine actually worth ten times better so you gotta trust me on this make it this way.


You’ll see now this is just how.I want it still medium-high partially cover it just like so and you want to let this cook for about 40 minutes check on it give it a stir every now and then if it’s getting too hot and the liquids being reduced to quickly turn it down to medium but other than that let it go for about 40 minutes let’s say 35 and then.we’re going to add the peas and finish it off now my sauce has been coming for 30 minutes and as. you can see it’s nice and thick it’s not at all watering. Which is what we want my water that’s up to a boil for my pasta so. I’m going to do that make sure it’s nicely salted the Italians believe that the pass in should be salty as a Mediterranean so, I obey that rule now.I’m gonna do is seasoned salt salt pepper cuz always see in the meat and the vegetables here we go last 10 minutes of cooking.


When we add our defrosted up baby peas now please don’t add don’t add the page while they’re still frozen because what’s going to happen is when they fall out in the sauce is going to be a liquidy watery mess so, you want to make sure to do this 10 minutes before your sauce is complete and you want to make sure that they are thawed completely before you add them. I reduce my heat to medium because it was cooking a little bit too fast so, just cook this for another 10 minutes or so this same amount of time it takes for the pasta to cook and then.once they’re all done we’re gonna mix them together finish it up and it’s gonna be delicious drain my pasta really well guys that’s really important. You don’t want anything watering floating around in there now.


I’m putting it back into this big pan because. I want lots of room to toss my sauce in and you can see it’s not very liquidy which is why it’s called a Bolognese and now just a regular meat sauce just start nicely and now. I’m going to add just a few leaves a fresh basil don’t tear them up throw them in there no pasta sauce is complete to that basil alright guys. Let’s go to the table and serve up this is perfect smells magnificent.