Mini Blueberry Upside Down Cakes

Ready in: 1 hrs 45 mins
I Want To Show You How I Make My Little Blueberry Upside-Down Mini Cakes.


  • All Purpose Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • salt
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Softened Eggs
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Fresh Blueberries



You need all purpose flour, baking powder and salt, unsalted butter that’s been softened eggs, milk ,sugar. You need some vanilla fresh blueberries some brown sugar and of course the ice cream of your choice. which I like to serve it with vanilla and now what, I have here first of all I have my oven preheated to 350 so, what I have here this is called a jumbo muffin pan if, you don’t have this just to the regular muffin tin but it’s just going to make about I would say this recipe will make about 10 smaller ones but some make about 6 of this size hope that makes sense alright let’s get started first thing.


I’m going to cut off a little bit of the skin like that give it feet so it doesn’t wobble.I’m also going to cut a little bit more skin because I like the texture of the skin but it can be a little bit bitter so,I’m just cutting it with my knife but you can use like a vegetable peeler. I like the texture of it but I don’t like that it’s you know it can be a little too bitter so, I cut about half of the skin off all around I’m going to cut this right down the middle and I’m going to cut this into pretty big when you get it cut into pretty big cubes because if, I cut them too small when I roast them they won’t hold their shape so something about that size is perfect last one okay, I’m just going to move this close to me and I’m putting this on a baking sheet that’s lined with aluminum foil just for easy cleanup and I’m going to drizzle this nicely with some regular olive oil you can use extra virgin but you don’t have to use anything too expensive.


I should say keep calling a doublet very standard batter but never fails right and I’m just going to cream these together alright it add the egg and your vanilla and now this you want to make them so,it becomes nice and well combined and I’m pretty much going to add all of my dry ingredients along with the milk and once again. you guessed it makes them so, it’s well combined huh alright so,this is good you can tell nothing on the sugar hasn’t resolved yet or anything but this the berries are starting to burst. I can hear it but at this point you just want to top it with your batter. I just use a ice cream scoop because you know it makes life much easier alright these looks phenomenal they going to the oven at 350 20 to 25 minutes or so or just chill or until they’re fully cooked through got it out of my system just keep in mind every oven does vary so, when you work with take longer it could take you know 20 minutes exactly so just keep an eye on them


I’ll show you what it looks like when they’re done where’s my yeah alright so, my cakes took exactly 20 minutes in the oven when they came out. I let them cool for 10 minutes exactly before inverting
them and then I let them cool to about room temperature so I have one already with my name on it with some ice cream it’s like melting beautifully on top they have just. I mean they are perfect look at that they’re just a beautiful soft crumble they’re like nice sticky blueberry base um oh my the baking doors of heaven is opened it is just beyond the blueberries it’s interesting because it’s sticky it’s sweet but also a little tart that the tartness from the blueberries comes through which balances out perfectly the cake is dense so it stands up to it really well but it’s not so, then but it feels heavy it feels quite like a you know coffee cake if ,you will if they are perfect there’ll are in the kitchen on hand step the written recipe hope you enjoy spring summer fling now.