How To Make Blue Cheese Ice Cream

Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Gonna To Make Blue Cheese Ice Cream.


  • Goat’s Milk Cheese
  • Half Of Whole Milk
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Half Of Haevy Cream
  • Egg Yolks
  • Granulated Sugar



We’re gonna use is a French goat’s milk cheese called blue to chef. I’m going to start out by measuring out a cup and a half of whole milk and a cup and a half of heavy cream. So, I’m going to add the milk and the cream to heavy-bottomed saucepan. we’re going to add to that a vanilla bean. You want to hold the bean flat against a cutting board and make a slit through the first half of the pot all the way down. I mean use the blunt side of your knife to scrape the beans from the inside of the pod.we’re just going to add them to the sauce pan and then. We’re going to put the whole pot in as well this guy is going to go on to the stove low heat about 20 minutes so,while that milk is heating. We’re going to start the custard base bring these four egg yolks separates Meigs the don’t use. I usually save the egg whites and make meringues later but that’s because. I’m crazy we’re going to add a half cup of just plain granulated sugar and we’re going to start whisking them up.


You want them to be what it’s often called in recipes and cookbooks pale ribbons so, it’s going to get really lightened and really creamy looking and almost be back to a liquid form so,you can see it’s like starting to come together it’s much smoother that’s looking pretty good.I’m going to set that aside and just let the milk come up the tone. You want it to come to like just under a simmer let it go until. You just start to see bubbles forming around the edge of the pot so, it’s pretty much to come up to the right temperature now so,I’m going to turn it off the heat so, we have to do is really slowly heat the eggs using the hot milk use just a small full cup pour just a little bit of cream in at a time and stir that into it. You want to do about 1/2 cup total of the hot milk into eggs so now.


What you have is super eggy mixture of hot milk that is not going to curdle or cook up. When we put it back on the heat so, we’re going to add that back into the milk and again just kind of like slowly a little bit at a time and then. We’re going to put this back on the heat at super low and let it cook until it starts to thicken up a little bit. What you’re looking for is it to draw like a really clean well-defined line if,you draw your finger through it but it’s definitely at the right consistency now so take it off the heat. We’re going to measure out a hundred grams of this cheese which your cheese monger can do we’re just going to cut it up into a couple smaller chunks and we’re going to add it to use this fine mesh strainer.


I’m going to pour the hot custard over it it’s going to melt the cheese in and it’s going to keep out all of the actual spores of mold that are in the cheese and strain out any of the curdled or eggy bits from the custard.I kind of like dip it down back into the custard to get it to melt further so most of,what’s left in the strainer is like bits that were closer to the brine they’re going to be much drier and can see like the little scores of blue bowl of ice make an ice bath for this.I just super frozen add this to the ice bath.which will help it cool down a lot faster.I’m going to put that in the fridge wait for that to cool down a little bit and so,this is a pretty simple home ice cream machine this is the freezer Bowl she keep in the freezer for at least 24 hours wanna use it any kitchen supply store is going to have some sort of ice cream maker take this cold custard like a half hour.


I think it was in there you just pour the custard into the top it’s going to take about 15 to 20 minutes for it to get to a soft-serve consistency it’s pretty awesome like the best soft-serve ice’ll ever have ice cream magic.I’m going to transfer it to a bowl that can withstand being in the freezer to prevent freezer burn take some wax paper sort of put it right up against the surface of the ice cream pop it in the freezer to get to the texture and consistency a grocery store ice cream it’s going to need to freeze for about another four’re left with all of this ice cream and the bowl can eat right away and that’s the best part because that’s for whoever made it it’s pretty blue cheesy it’s awesome that’s pretty much it. Video