BLT Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Ready in: 20 min

Today, I’m sharing with you guys my favorite breakfast recipes BLT breakfast sandwich.


  • Spring greens tomatoes
  • Bacon
  • One ripe large avocado
  • Lime
  • Olive oil
  • Firmer artisan bread


1We’re going to be making our own avocado spread using spring greens tomatoes and of course bacon. It’s a super easy recipe that you can even make for your everyday breakfast. So we’re going to start by making our Evoque Oddo spread.

2We’re going to need one ripe large avocado and we’re going to split it in half and you want to remove the pit and I’m going to use a fork and just scrape all that flesh out of the avocado into small bowl and this way you’re mashing it up and removing it at the same time it’s a really simple technique.

3We’re going to add juice from one lime, I’m just going to roll it on counter to release all those juices from the flesh, Squeeze it into the avocado and this is going to first help preserve the color of the avocado and secondly it’s going to give a really zesty flavor.

4Actually half looks like it’s perfect. Just going to go ahead and stir it. I’m also going to add about a tablespoon of olive oil just going to add a little bit of creaminess, we’re going to season it with just a pinch of salt. I’m going to give this a quick stir I’m going to set it aside.

5Next we’re going to make a bacon. To make our bacon super crispy, I’ve preheated my oven to 375 degrees and I’ve lined a baking sheet with some foil and then placed a cooling rack over the top, so to make our bacon we’re going to lay it over the top of the cooling rack and once this is in the oven, it’s going to make a perfect bacon slice. It’s going to be crispy and you’re not going to have all that excess oil since. it’s going to drip down to the bottom and make sure to line it with the foil on the bottom it’s going to collect all the fat and that’s going to happen you’re going to have super easy cleanup just throw the foil away in the garbage. So pop this into the oven it’s going to take about 10-15 minutes.

6For this recipe I like to use a firmer artisan bread, so you want to slice it into about half inch slices and then we’re going to place this on top an and I like to toast these under the broiler in the oven it’s super fast and super easy. so today I’m going to making two sandwiches, we’re gonna need four slices for recipe, we’re going to be using sunny-side up eggs. so the secret to making them is cooking them slowly over low heat, so I’ve sprayed a large pan with some nonstick spray. We’re going to add our eggs and we’re going to let them cook slowly. And I like to use organic eggs simply because that egg yolk is going to be raw and you want to make sure you have the freshest best eggs.

7We’re going to also season these with a little bit of salt and pepper. My eggs and bacon are finishing up meanwhile we’re going to start assembling the sandwich. so we need to slice our tomatoes into nice thin slices, so I’ve toasted my bread on one side and then left it plain on the inside. so we’re going to spread one side with the avocado spread that we prepared earlier and I like to add a lot of ricotta, it’ll absolutely love it in my sandwiches and i want to get a bite of it in every single bite. Spread that and then on the other side, we’re going to add just a touch of olive oil mayonnaise and i like to use this olive oil mayonnaise i think it has better flavor than just regular plain old mayonnaise spread a little bit and you can add more or less to your liking and now for assembling our sandwiches we’re going to add a little bit of our spring greens over the top of our of a coddled spread. Just lightly press them in and then over our lettuce we’re going to add our tomatoes and this way the tomatoes aren’t going to make the bread soggy and now for our baking so once I took it out of the oven I just placed it on some paper towels they’re going to soak up any excess fat that’s on the top we’re going to add two slices for each sandwich and you can break it up to just kind of layer it over the top.

8Now with the finishing touch is their sunny-side up egg. So you want to make sure you cook these eggs until the whites are completely set so you don’t get any food poisoning so we just want to slide this egg over the top and this is ready to be eaten. and now it’s time to give our sandwich a try and I actually prefer to eat these open-faced so there’s less bread and more sandwich.