Bloomin' Onion Chips Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 30 mins

I Like To Make My Bloomin Onion Chips Or Bloomin Onion Petals.


  • A Huge Onion
  • Onion Leaves
  • Some Milk
  • Some Flour
  • Some Eggs
  • Some Paprika
  • Some Vegetable Oil
  • A Little Bit Of Paprika
  • A Little Bit Of Oregano



First of all you need a huge onion right when I add it to my pot or is my little fryer that I use I always have all your that spills over so it ends up being a disaster it ends up being a mess, and I just I don’t it makes me not want to make it even though. I love the recipe so I figured I might as well just pull the onion leaves or the petals apart and just fry them individually that way they’re much easier to eat they’re much easier to make and no one has any issues about the oil all that jazz. So I hope that that makes some kind of sense but let me run you through the list of ingredients not very big. You need some milk you also need some flour you need some eggs and what I have here is some ground cumin seasoned salt a little Italian seasoning, and some paprika and I’ve got some onion. Let me tell you what I did with the onion because it’s important are over – just to half of an onion I want to show you how to do the rest the other half. So you have a by Dalia onion right I cut the top off slice it in half lengthwise.


Then I get rid of the first layer because it’s never really my favorite it’s kind of rubbery and just just not slice it for me all right then take cut off the end like that and then you just kind of cut Halfmoon slices like that about a quarter of an inch or so don’t get a ruler out you just know anything you don’t want them to be too too thick or too and then you just take your onion leaves here whatever you want to call them good liar then you just pull them apart just like that without what I have in my big pan here is I have some vegetable oil coming to temperature around 350 degrees. I do have my thermometer in there just to make sure it’s at the right temperature because I don’t want the onion to overcook I certainly don’t want undercook otherwise the onion inside will be way too hard. So I want it to be right at the right temperature.


I’m just going to see if you get a piece like that just cut that right in half onions are good to go now to my milk. I’m going to add my eggs and I’m actually not going to season being a wet mixture just because the dry ingredients my flour is going to be so welcome good. But I don’t want things to be too salty too overpowering and gonna back so just give you the whip right and move on to the flour I’m going to add all of my seasoning, and then make sure you mix everything really well all right take your onion. You want to just make sure that they’re well coated in the wet mixture then I want to use my hands because it really just looks a lot easier to do it with your hands and then you shake off any excess add them to your dry ingredients. So I did just about a quarter or a third of the onions at a time toss them and then don’t just discipline to be perfect because it goes right back into the wet and then back into the dry.


You’re done so you have to do two coats of each thing just as if you use your hands really alright my onions look great. Now they actually it’s important to mention this that when you do them twice when you batter them twice they don’t look particularly appetizing they look kind of a mess and they’re sticky and make a mess but they are well well worth it. So I’m just going to fry a few at a time you’ll want to overcrowd the pan because it does drop the temperature down too much and you don’t want that once they’re done. I’m going to place them on a paper towel lined plate, and then we’ll make a sauce because you have to have a different sauce for these otherwise what is the point huh and then I’ll show you what they look like when they’re completely ready to go so laughs are done. They are perfection okay I’m just saying they’re pretty amazing if I do say so myself so crispy so gorgeously golden right. now the funny thing is they look so ugly before you put them in because the batter and everything is all go opping gunky but look at these you know these are going to be delicious.


You know they’re going to be just crispy and marvelous and a little bits of onions that have caramelized in there soon. Now to make the sauce you need a few ingredients but they’re all the right ones you need Mayo ketchup prepared horseradish a little bit of paprika and a little bit of oregano that’s all you need. So you mix it all together okay getting it all out of here get that all mixed in make sure that you don’t ask too much of the horseradish because horseradish is no joke horseradish will come back to haunt you. So give that a really good stir.