How To - Make Black Sesame Dumplings with Sue Chan

Today, I’m Gonna Make A Black Sesame Dumpling.


  • Ground Peanuts
  • Ground Sesame Seeds
  • Honeu
  • Butter



You want to take the ground peanuts mix in the ground sesame seeds that. I grow basically coffee grinder honey and then butter traditionally lard is used but this is a slightly healthier version so you want it to get really really sticky like that because,we’ve added butter.we want the filling to set a little bit more so and we’re just gonna refrigerate this at least 45 minutes. I’m just going to make some scoops of filling these dumplings kind of taste like the most delicious peanut butter and honey’ve ever had it’s pretty much like the best thing ever so,now we’re just gonna refrigerate this before we wrap. I’ve taken the black sesame filling out of the refrigerator so as you can see it’s kind of set.


We’ll just make it easier so for this dumpling.I am going to do the tortellini fold crowd favorite so take a piece of the filling and then a dab of water make sure all the air bubbles are out then at one of the want to wet that and then do is just as you can see the skins are getting a little bit dry which is not a good thing to keep these skins moist.I would cover them with a damp paper towel or a paper napkin so,you want to bring some water to a boil then.we’re going to gently place these dumplings in without burning yourself and you want to bring these back up to a boil and then.


You’re going to lower the heat and total cooking time for this is about six minutes there’s nothing raw and is filling so,we’re really just cooking the dumpling wrapper once these are done when you bite into them the insides should be.I’m just gonna take these out of the pot and I’m going to place them on a paper towel so, that the water joins a little bit then.I’m going to roll them in ground peanuts so,you can just place them shree taste one of these oh yeah syn that gooey filling hey guys almost done now.we’re going to plate the dumplings so,first we’re going to condensed milk and just drizzle it on top of the top wing be very liberal with the replication so,I’ve lined the bottom of the bamboo steamer with some parchment paper.


We’re going to take these cute little gold candy holders or cupcake holders. you can buy them at any big shop.we’re just going to place the dumpling any one of these and your basket.what I’m going to do two layers cover that will be nice.when you’re getting serger to show them that there’s a mover I’m just gonna top it off with some black sesame seeds. I always like garnishing with the greens are in the actual dumpling okay.