Black Bean and Corn Cajun Shrimp Quesadillas Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 25 min
Ready in: 40 min

Today We Are Making Black Bean And Corn Cajun Shrimp.


  • Half Pound Of Shrimp
  • Two Quesadillas
  • 20 Mmm Large Shrimp
  • Black Pepper
  • Chipotle Pepper
  • Salt Kosher
  • Garlic Powder
  • Marinate
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Start Chopping
  • Some Green Onions
  • Red Onion
  • Fresh Jalapeno
  • Guacamole
  • Cilantro
  • Half Cheddar
  • Half Mozzarella
  • Corn


1We’re gonna get started we have about a half a pound of shrimp. I’m making two quesadillas so I have about maybe 20 mmm they’re large shrimp but they’re not too large and not the Jumbo we’re gonna go ahead and season these up marinate these and get them ready some fresh cracked black pepper. My favorite season of all which is cayenne. I do a lot of the seasonings here so if you don’t want too spicy hold back my next added chipotle pepper.

2Now that is a great seasoning that’s I’m going to use inside the quesadilla as well it’s beautiful of course you’re gonna season everything with some
salt kosher salt is the best, and a good amount of garlic powder and we can use regular fresh garlic. That’ll be totally fine but you know I decided to go with garlic rather this time. I squeezed a half a lime, I’m gonna stir that around make sure every shrimp has is incorporated with that seasoning and we’re gonna put that in the fridge cover it and let it marinate for about an hour alright this get started with our ingredients.

3We’re gonna start chopping we got some green onions. I’m chopping about two maybe three of those we’ve got a beautiful red onion that we’re gonna go ahead and dice in as well just to bring in those colors. I love red onions they’re so delicious and just the colors beautiful alright we’re also gonna chop up a nice fresh jalapeno. we’re gonna throw that into the quesadilla as well, and most of these gradients I’m actually gonna make a guacamole so most of these ingredients are actually gonna go in the guacamole as well so it’s like killing two birds with one stone right here I got some fresh cilantro from the part from the garden.

4We’re gonna chop that up as well and we’re setting everything aside and like I said we’re making a nice quick little simple guacamole that we’re gonna eat with the guests here so uh it’s got a nice actually I don’t know how right this avocado was it’s pretty tough. I looked all through Albertsons this is like the most ripe.I could find for some reason it was pretty tough but with a little bit of elbow grease it came out fine but as you I think my fork was almost bending but um we’re gonna chop up a Roma tomato.

5Here just for the enough of the case of the edges for the guacamole here so I give it a nice little dice one side one way and then give it a dicey other way just make little small dices and we’re gonna go and incorporate our ingredients into the wok moly of course we’re gonna season everything with some salt throwing those beautiful fresh roma tomatoes slices that we have and we’re gonna season it with all the ingredients. we had earlier for the quesadilla those beautiful red onions of course a little bit of cilantro for that freshness.

6I squeeze the lime as you saw before I’m sorry I didn’t say anything we’re having jalapeno sir make sure you add a line any kind of lime or lemon juice inside of your guacamole that’s gonna keep it from turning brown oxidizing it’s gonna make sure it maintains its freshness okay now my little secret ingredient that I love is cumin I love that in cumin inside of my guacamole give us a little something and garlic powder of course like I used exactly in the shrimp I want to try to replicate the flavors a little bit and some fresh cracked black pepper.

7We’re gonna give that a nice little stir and set that in the fridge to cool up and marinate all those flavors as well all right now it is time an hour has passed and it’s time to grill up these beautiful shrimps I’m gonna use butter you can use olive oil you know butter adds more flavor so why not all right so now it’s time to place these in as you could talk show you guys this method before it’s a little trick. I’m only cooking this ship for literally 30 seconds each side they’re such they’re not huge shrimp and you don’t want to overcook shrimp.

8They’ll become rubbery and like I said looking in flipping them over perfectly each time so each one will get cooked exactly the same amount of time and become beautiful all right 30 seconds on one side 30 seconds on the other. I gave him a slice in the center and it was time to get the tortillas I sprinkled a little bit of that smoked paprika on top of the tortilla just to give it that extra smoky flavor and in a non-stick saute pan I’m using nonstick you can use any kind of a cast-iron skillet if you love to do your kiss ideas on that and I do that in the pan have the heat about medium heat here I’m using a Fiesta blend I love this cheese I’ve used it before I believe it’s half cheddar and half mozzarella maybe like a sharp cheddar not sure sure.

9I’m gonna put those beautiful shrimp down enough for one we’re gonna top it off with this beautiful corn which I should have roasted and unfortunately I didn’t but the corn just brings this beautiful sweetness that you’re gonna get it’s gonna counteract with the spiciness of the shrimp it’s so good we’re gonna throw in a little bit of black beans that’s gonna give you this nice little texture and a black beans are probably. We’re gonna sprinkle that with a little bit of red onion. I’m also using green onion in here so if you’re not a huge onion fan like I am you don’t have to use the red onions just use the green they’re a lot less mild.

10I’m throwing in some jalapenos in here that we cut up earlier and like I said I chopped up those fresh green onions so you can decide use both I love both all right now of course we cannot forget the fresh cilantro that adds such a great flavor to this disappears off so launcher is one of my favorite herbs I love it all right now for the special little thing is smoked it’s actually in that smoked. I’m sorry it’s to pull a pepper this seasoning is delicious.

11In this guess of the it’s Pete its the kisser there that’s what it does it’s gorgeous and of course we’re gonna season everything some salt I know we season the shrimp but we didn’t season the core with in season the beans all the vegetables so we definitely want to season it with some salt. Some fresh cracked black pepper and of course we’re gonna give it an extra topping of cheese just so we have top layer of cheese bottom layer of cheese.

12We’re gonna top it off with that other tortilla now I’m gonna show you guys a little trick do not use a spatula to flip these now I’ve know I’ve done this before as a kid where it makes a huge mess all those things are gonna fall out grab a paper plate grab a regular plate put it on one side flip that pan over slide it back on you’re not gonna spill everything that was inside of there all right now once both sides were beautifully crispy and that cheese has melted gorgeously.

13It’s time to slice it up put it on the cutting board and you’re gonna see in just a second this cheese it’s just gooey its melty it’s beautiful right about there you can see that Jesus flop up Oh gorgeous beautiful and these are just greatness of this I took it outside have some sour cream put on that beautiful guacamole we made.