How to Make Biscotti

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 25 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Going To Show You Guys How To Make Italian Biscotti.


  • All -Purpose Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Some Eggs
  • Almonds Dry
  • Salt
  • Sweetene Cranberries
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Clementine Juice
  • Clementine
  • Baking Powder
  • Pure Vanilla Extract



We’re going to need some all-purpose flour, some granulated sugar, some eggs slinked,almonds dry, sweetened cranberries, vegetable oil,Clementine juice,clementines,baking powder, salt and pure vanilla extract very easy easy ingredients. They’re all awesome and you can always substitute the Clementine juice for orange if,that’s all you have on hand so,first thing we do pop your oven on to 350 and you want to position. Your two racks to the middle and top of the don’t want to the bottom of the oven because the bottom will scorch second want to do is get two baking sheets or cooking sheets lay them with plum with parchment paper get those out of the way so they’re waiting for you and now.


I’m going to get started We’re going to take our flour and we’re going to take our sugar and we’re going to take our baking powder and salt.I’m just going to mix these very very quickly like so and now. I’m going to take about a quarter cup of this.I’m going to go about a quarter cup a heaping quarter cup. I’m going to take my Clementine zest here as. I’m going to do.I’m with my fingers you can use a spoon.I’m just going to work the Clementine to make sure there’s no big clumps of it. I want to make sure it’s all dispersed through that little quarter cup of flour so,it’s easier to disperse in the big container of the flour just like that just pinch it with your fingers then. My Clementine zest mixed together – this little cup of flour. I’m going to add in my flaked almonds and my dried sweetened cranberries.


I’m just going to toss these into the flour mixture just to coat each one of them to make sure that they’re spread out throughout the dough evenly and they’ll do that if,they’re coated with flour okay to the big bowl flour and just work these together like so, awesome okay now let’s work on our wet mixture this is very easy to do you can do it in a snap okay.we’re going to put in our vegetable oil like so,we’re going to put in our Clementine juice. we’re gonna put on some vanilla oops cap wasn’t all good put a little vanilla in there or a lot of vanilla and three eggs put the eggs lightly beating them. Just to get my head start okay guys now with a paddle attachment. we want to just turn this on and make some toilet just until the eggs and then the Clementine juice and vegetable oil on nicely combined so,let that go for just a few minutes these seconds really and you’re almost there now with the motor running on low.


You’re gonna add your dry ingredients a little bit at a time yeah use a little cup measure for this it’s way too high and just mix this through dislike so’re gonna have a very wet and sticky batter but that’s exactly. what you want because we’re gonna just need this and flour this a long way and you don’t want to just start with too much flour otherwise. You’re gonna very tough and dense cooking like that. I’ll just add this in until. you’re all out and then. When we’re done I’ll go scrape the size of the bowl to make sure everything is nice and mixed true then my dough came together beautifully as you can see it’s very wet at this point which is what you want now. I’m just going to flour my board heavily just like so okie doke and I’m going to just dump all this onto my board.


I got my all my dough dumped out and then just flour the board’re gonna need it and just knead this till he comes together okay that’s perfect just came together now. I’m going to get this log.I’m going to cut it in six equal pieces so,cut in half and then just cut it in threes as evenly as. You can get up one two and three okay dealing with one piece at a just want to roll this out until it’s about 12 inches a 12-inch log which my knife is about 12 inches a look at that at the perfect all right it’s perfect. You want to just put this on your baking sheet three on each one a couple inches apart it’s a little smaller alright just continue with the rest until. You have six three inch row of six 12-inch logs and you want to have three on each baking sheet a couple of inches apart because they are gonna sort of expand smells like vanilla and almonds and Clementine. I’m loving this and knife is exactly twelve inches so,it’s perfect okay the two and one more to go and then.


I’m just going to take my fingers and press them down you want them to be about 2 1/2 to 2 inches wide okay very very easy just press them and up with your fingers now these are all price down they’re going to go into. Your preheated oven for 25 minutes put them in 10 minutes into baking time. You want to rotate the baking sheet so that they cook evenly let them cook for 25 minutes total then put them on. your counter for 20 minutes to cool relatively cooling like really well because we’re going to handle these again. When we go ahead and bake them twice so, into the oven 25 minutes rotating once let them cool on your counter for 20 minutes and then.

We’ll get ready to slice them up and these baked and cold as directed now what I’m going to do is. I’m going to take each one and I’m going to cut each one in 10 pieces on a very sharp angle want to take you. I usually take that one out just like that okay very very sharp about a half-inch see oh yeah Oh done just try and find a little room for these. These are perfect aren’t they awesome and it smells so good and these are going to go into.your still heated oven to 350 for 6 minutes then. What you’re going to do is. You’re gonna flip them’re going to rotate the baking sheets and cook them for another 8 minutes and then. You’re gonna let them cool completely because it will not be crispy and hard until they’re completely cold so remember 6 minutes flip rotate another 6 to 8 minutes cool completely and then.