Pepperoni Pizza Bites Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins
I’m Gonna Share With You My Recipe For My Pepperoni Pizza Bites.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Some Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Little Bit Of Olive Oil



You’ll need for the dough which are some all-purpose flour, some yeast, some salt, sugar a little bit of olive oil and you’ll need some water. I was pointing to the salts again I’m not sure why the containers here if, I already have some measured these are the ingredients you’ll need to actually make the pizza dough.some already made fresh pizza dough in that case.I’m jelly cuz I couldn’t find any in my supermarket so, I’m making mine from scratch today but it’s not you simple and easy so let’s get right into it. I’m gonna make mine in my standing mixer that’s been fitted with a dough attachment and just putting in my flour dough hook. I should say our dough attachment sometimes.I wonder about myself sometimes I wonder what happens in here anyway now to my water which is warm between 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.I’m going to add in my yeast just sprinkle it right over the top along with my sugar and I’m just going to give this a quick Little Mix and let this just sit here for a few minutes until the yeast kind of starts activating and gets all bubbly.


Whatever you’re making to come out of good whenever you’re working with a yeast dough number one the water must be at the correct temperature if it’s too hot it’s going to burn the yeast if it’s too cold it’s still cold so it won’t activate it and then if the yeast is expired well then whether the water is hot cold well whatever it’s not going to work so make sure your yeast isn’t expired and make sure the water is at the perfect temperature okay so that’s going in here with my flour. I’m going to add in salt some extra virgin olive oil just a couple tablespoons.I’m just going to add this to my flour just back on and then you just gonna let this combine until all the flour is kind of combined with the yeast and water and then just turn it down to like medium to medium-low and let it go between seven to nine minutes or until your dough is super smooth and it’s like a perfect ball you kind of comes together really well and I’ll show you what looks like when it’s there that’s looking good. you can see it’s very smooth it’s not sticky and now just pull it together very quickly with your hands you just kind of want to form some sort of ball there you go and then.what I have here is an oiled Bowl just with some olive oil you can use vegetable oil by prefer olive oil you’re gonna put this in here.


I’m going to brush a little olive oil on top because I don’t want that little crust from forming.I’m gonna pop it in there until it’s doubled in volume and I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there you can get going on the actual making of the pepperoni pizza bites my dough is rising for about an hour and it’s doubled in volume quite a bit. so,I’m really excited to get started on making the actual pizza bites now I’ve got here it’s a mozzarella and some this is turkey pepperoni. you could use the right-click pepperoni the difference is I found the tricky one it’s not as greasy which I prefer breathing is regular of course if, you wanted to or you could sneak in some prosciutto. you want to get started before you even get this to roll like even roll this out is to get your oven bring it to 425 and get a nice little casserole dish lightly oil.


You like how this is spinning like oil with some olive oil all right so that’s ready. I’ve also got some granular garlic and some Italian seasoning here got ready let’s get our dough out punch it down get it onto a floured surface and you’re just going going to roll it out you could do this too with a with a rolling pin and you could do this with your hands it doesn’t really matter I’m just going to do this with my hands because it just makes life a lot easier and I hate cleaning rolling pins because they’re made out of wood and you clearly don’t want to want to get water on them so this does not have to be perfect whatsoever now I’m going to cut this you want to make it nice and flat.

5I’m going to cut this into about 24 24 pieces it’s up to you why don’t you have them all cut you just want to put a couple slices of pepperoni in you can obviously see that this is are not perfectly cut and that’s fine it doesn’t have to be and the great thing is you can always cut a piece from one and just put it on the other it does not have to be perfect whatsoever it’s combined these two together make it really big fat one okay and then you put a piece of your cheese on top and then you’ll just cover it with another piece of pepperoni and then seal the whole thing.I mean it’s that simple and it’s great for a party you can make these ahead of time kind of assemble them put them in your dish cover them put them in the fridge for a couple hours before your party starts and then that way you’re just minutes away from popping it in the oven and having these nice and hot and gooey gooey and delicious and it’s nothing there’s nothing better than to start a party with trust me all right this is about right we’ve gotten this one and I’m just going to put the top another piece of pepperoni just to kind of enclose the cheese and like.


I said the turkey pepperoni is nowhere near as greasy so three pieces perfectly fine but this one needs a big one last one. I just take and wrap everything enclose it into the dough trust me Natalia does not have to be perfect because once everyone starts eating they’re going to care less how you got these babies wrapped up so just going to care that they taste good now if you don’t want these two kind of baked together and puff up and you’re kind of pulling apart then just put these on a baking sheet separate.I like them all to kind of bake together when you pull it apart just got that fluffiness on the side that to me is what makes it amazing so now what I do so just take a little bit more oil just to brush the tops for a good color very lightly don’t be perfect that’s annoying remember that all right that’s good and then.


I just take my granulated garlic and Italian herb seasoning blend you think that the way put some black pepper mix them with your fingers and just like to sprinkle them right over the top tastes good got the flavor and it smells good very promising recipe trust me it couldn’t be easier all right I’m gonna pop this into the oven that’s been preheated to 425 and they’ll be in there for about 20 to 25 minutes or until they’re a beautiful golden brown color and I’m going to let them cool just a little bit before.I show you what it looks like when they’re done these are in the oven between 20 to 25 minutes or so like that ballpark and I’ve let them cool for just a few minutes because you know me I have absolutely no patience and if these were in front of me when they were screaming hot it would be definitely burning the roof of my mouth so I’m just very excited you could serve this with your favorite marinara sauce.