How to Make a Margarita

Ready in: 20 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Margaritas.


  • Tequila Fresh Orange Juice
  • Limes
  • Sugar



You’re just getting some tequila fresh oranges fresh, limes. some superfine sugar that’s really all. you need and some ice now there’s so, many variations of margaritas but this is just how. I like to make it in this house we love margaritas it’s like it’s. Our go-to drink and we don’t like to use the mix. you know the the margarita mix because it’s so, high in sugar so, I have to do it this way it’s fresh it’s delicious okay so, let’s get right into it. I’m going to make everything into my big pitcher now the only thing. I’m going to stress is that.


You use good quality somewhat a good quality of tequila. we like corn eatos it’s our favorite kind so that’s. what I’m using today now. I’m going to just measure it out and this is gonna make a lot. I’m gonna put everything in here and now. I’m going to just juice my oranges and my limes. Whoa it’s a party already the cap just flew off by itself now. I’m just gonna juice. some lines and some oranges nearly there with all of my lines okay now. I’m going to pour my orange and lime juice in with my tequila it smells like a margarita and shoot that. I’m going to add in some superfine sugar now. I’m using superfine sugar because this is a cold drink so, regular sugar will is going to have a really difficult time to dissolve if, you don’t have superfine sugar. you can make a simple to make simple syrup but it’s basically equal parts water to sugar dissolve it cool it. you’re good to go so, I’m going to add just a little bit in here now just give this a stir for about 20 seconds just to kind of dissolve the sugar and then.


We’re gonna finish it off now we need to add in some ice could do this in a shaker but. I personally like putting ice in it and just keeping it really really really cold that’s how. I like a margarita anyway just put as much ice in here want there’s your ice give this a mix and it’s gonna get so so cold. I love that sound now. I’m going to let that sit there for a couple minutes just to chill really really well and I’m going to rip my glass now. I’m going to take one of my lemons that. I juiced or you can take a piece of orange it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to rim the whole top of the glass with it. you can to get rid of the pulp if, you want and I’m going to dip this in some sugar now traditionally it’s soft. I don’t like salt on my margarita.


I like sugar but you can put can put a combination of the two.I’ve done that because some of my friends like so,some of us don’t so,I do half and half and it pleases all of us which is evident okay this is really nice and cold now this is margarita on the rocks if, you want it frozen put the whole thing in the blender ice and all and you get a nice frozen margarita.I like it on the rocks so,that’s why I do it this way there.we go whoa piece of line and we’ve got a margarita don’t mind if. I do that is a fantastic margarita it’s not too sour the tequila definitely comes through so that’s. why I suggest getting a good kind that .you like the flavor of. I’m going to go back to enjoy my margarita.