Berry Trifle Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

Today I Wanted To Share With You How I Make My Very Simple Yet Impressive Fruit Trifle.


  • Some Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Some Lemon Curd
  • Whipped Cream
  • Sauce
  • Pound Cake


1We’ll need are very few basics you’ll need a mixture of berries. I’ve got some raspberries strawberries and blueberries there. I’ve got some whipped cream this is just heavy cream that I have whipped until it’s got a nice stiff peaks. You’ll need some pound cake now you can make your own or you can do what I did today I cheated a bit and I went and I just got a loaf from there you’ll need some strawberry, jam seedless, strawberry jam. You’ll need some lemon, curd this is my homemade lemon curd because truth be told. I really don’t like store-bought lemon curd I don’t like anybody else’s lemon curd but my own. Then I got an orange. So it’s very very easy and straightforward let’s get started what we’re gonna make is essentially going to be like the sauce sort of I’m going to squeeze the juice of my orange in with my jam.

2Now you can do this in your skillet if you want to I’m gonna just pop this into the microwave right in the skillet in a saucepan. I’m gonna just pop this into the microwave very briefly or until this gets really nice and runny. It’ll take less than a minute so I’m gonna pop it in there and come right back and show you the next step you can see that’s gotten a little runny er there’s still some chunks in there jam but that is good for just fine for me now here I have got some whipped cream. I don’t have any sweetener in it whatsoever because we are going to sweeten it and give it all the flavor in these without homemade lemon curd which I have shared with you here already online in the kitchen so if you haven’t checked out my homemade lemon. I’m gonna probably empty out the whole jar I made the whole batch. Mix this into your cream and you have made your custard it’s easy its flavorful it hits all the right sort of spots.

3I guess you could say it’s not too sweet it’s beautiful great texture you don’t have to be doesn’t to be too perfect with that that’s fine enough for me. I’m not doing anything to the berries because we’ve got the sauce, we’ve got the custard, we’ve got the pound cake, and everything is going to sit together in the fridge overnight and all the flavor will have all the magic is going to happen in the fridge. So now all you have to do is start building and this is how you do it this is in the water in order what you do I should say you do a layer of pound cake and you sort of cut things up and make them fit wherever you can that looks perfect and then you take some of your sauce not too much because you know. You’re dealing with pound cake here and you’re going to do a lot of layers. So don’t you know get ahead of yourself and just too many thick layers or of custard and whatnot otherwise it’ll just kind of get messy.

4We don’t want that so just a thin little layer of that, and then we’ll do a thin layer of our custard and you don’t have to I’m telling you you don’t have to worry about being too perfect with this because it is going to all work out beautifully in the end and then what I do like I just take some of the berries mix them up a little bit. So you’ve got good variety and then you put like a little layer of fresh berries. So you’ve got you’ve got the texture from the pound cake the cream the jam it is a phenomenal and then you repeat exactly the same layer but when you put your pound cake in not that you want to smush things down too much but you want to give it a gentle Pat to make sure everything is kind of sinking in there together well. Then I’m going to cut that put that and then do exactly the same thing until I am out you know I’m out of my pound cake, and jam mixture.

5I’m gonna have probably some jam left over but I can pop it in the fridge and use it for topping on pretty much anything from ice cream to yogurt to waffles – pancakes it keeps in the fridge well and then that way I can have it ready think about trifle is it the recipe you might have a little leftover of something or you might not have enough. You’re going to have to make it work because it depends on the size of your trifle bowl that’s the truth. so I am just going to do the best that I can make things as even as possible and then we’ll be done I’m at the very last layer which is the fruit and I’m just do you absolutely don’t have to do this but and I’m getting a little creative. Nowadays I’m just going to put some of these strawberries around just makes it look pretty make like a little strawberry border that’s really pretty, and then just take the rest of your berries.

6Put them right in the center now this needs to be in the refrigerator for a few hours I like to do it overnight simply because the flavors just blend together well that pound cake just soaks up all that delicious flavor from the jam sauce that we made and then the custard is just beautiful but that is stunning. I’ve got some fresh mint here and just take some sprigs of mint. I’m going to top this all over because I feel like it needs a little bit of green and it smells beautiful and fantastic, and I think that the green really pops against the different colors from the berries. I almost feel like it makes the berries look more vibrant but that could just be me. I’m just going to put I’m really getting creative nowadays kind of give this a quick taste though because I don’t want you to wait here until tomorrow so where can I take a taste that nobody could see. Let’s see right here we’ll find a way to hide it cuz I want to paste that pound cake it is so fantastic the lemon curd basically makes the sauce, makes the custard, and that Jam isn’t too sweet the pound cake is really nice, and soft give this until tomorrow when you serve it.