How to Make a Basic Caramel

I’m Going To Make Basic Caramel.


  • Sugar
  • Cream Of Tartar
  • Salt



We’re gonna add our water and then the sugar and then our cream of tartar and our cream of tartar is. what is going to prevent crystallization meaning. we don’t need a pastry brush. we don’t need to write down the sides we don’t have to worry about those crystals forming this is going to prevent all of that so, we’re gonna put this on medium high heat and we’re not going to touch it for about five to six minutes so, this has been going for about three to four minutes and it’s not done yet but.I’m just gonna give it a little stir just to make sure that all the sugar is cooking at the same rate so.


We’re gonna go ahead and kick this for another three to four minutes on a lower heat and that’s gonna prevent burning and it cooking too fast so,now our sugar is looking like the color of a really dark maple syrup or honey and it’s ready for our buttercream and salt so, our butter we’ve cut it into half-inch size don’t want to go ahead and stick a whole chunk in there it’s going to take a while to dissolve now.we’re gonna add our cream and then finally our salt and so,we’re gonna turn the heat off and we are going to pour it into a container make sure that you pick something that’s glass it doesn’t have to be mason jar it could be a measuring cup or a just want to make sure that it’s not plastic because this is very hot and it could melt super easy to make super quick keep it stored in your fridge covered.