Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 45 mins

I Want To Share With You What I Like To Call My Bananas Foster’s Upside Down Cake..


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Mashed Bananas
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Bananas
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • Some Brown Sugar
  • Squash


1Let me take you over the ingredients really quickly because you don’t need just basic ones but our together are going to make for the perfect recipe all-purpose flour, so baking powder going into the sugar brown sugar, mashed bananas, unsalted butter, that’s been softened eggs, milk, vanilla extract, bananas of course and then back here. I’ve got cinnamon more butter and some brown sugar that’s kind of to make the caramel. So let’s get started on working on that but the first thing you want to do is give you oven preheated to 350 in my saucepan so complicated butter and brown sugar. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to just put this on the stove and cook this until the butter and the brown sugar sort of melt together and the brown sugar has kind of dissolved a bit.

So while that’s happening we can get started to making the batter for the cake. I’m going to cut the bananas last minute because I don’t want them to turn brown because they do turn brown quite quickly. So I’m going to do this in just a bowl with a wooden spoon a whisk a spatula basic stuff. Let’s get started right away. I’ve got my unsalted butter that’s been softened at room temperature and to that I am going to add both kinds of sugar and I’m just going to work this with my spatula just to get them combined. I’m not going to be able to use a whisk just yet because it’s just too sort of too thick there’s just not enough liquid to get it going try to get all of that off just get it all incorporated okay. I’m going to add in my eggs and along with the eggs I’m going to add in a splash of vanilla you can also add a splash now in my caramel in just a second and my mashed up bananas now my banana star coloring a little bit and getting bruised.

3When you want to make this type of cake and now I’m just going to switch to a whisk and just mix everything together keep an eye on my butter and brown sugar. There’s an eggshell in there got it out keep my eye on everything and then we’ll proceed add in the flour you might not even need the milk depending on how big your bananas are you may not need the milk but I think I’m going to need about a quarter cup or so just to get this going. So it’s a little bit lighter and not as dense as a banana bread but really. There’s no way this won’t be good. I mean you can make muffins out of this you can make anything out of this and it would be divine.

4So just give that a go perfect okay moving back to my caramel that looks fantastic to that I need to add my cinnamon. I just turned it off by the way and my vanilla now traditionally. When you make bananas Foster’s I don’t need to tell you you add a good squash a rum you flambe it’s fabulous its show-stopping people love it but I wanted to make this without just so that you knew that you could make it without and plus you don’t have to worry about the danger of whether your house on fire that’s all almost burn my kitchen down once she no longer won’t just tell anybody. I’m not saying another word okay I’ve got my 9 inch cake pan. That I just sprayed with a nonstick spray get this all out of here you don’t have to worry about getting it perfect because once we start adding the bananas and once it bakes in there was smells.

5So good I shouldn’t get this excited because it smells like fall but you don’t fall it’s my favorite season. So I’m going with it alright I’m going to clean up just a bit my batter is done this is all set. I’m going to slice my bananas and then we’re going to build bake cool eat flip all that fun jazz jazz hands almost fun gross on my face. I’m done okay you can see my bananas are perfectly lined up you want to make sure you don’t cut them too thin otherwise it can kind of fall apart a little bit so you want them to be about a half an inch thick all right then you take your batter you poured this gorgeousness over top. I told you this is really easy but trust me it is just spectacular once it’s all done you just flatten it out like so. I like to tap it a little bit so that the batter will just sort of sink into those little open spaces in between the banana slices tap it like that into your oven for about 30 minutes or so or until it’s completely cooked through and then you let it cool for exactly five minutes.

6But I’ll show you what come what that looks like when we get there so put this on a baking sheet so it makes it easy for you to get it in and out of the oven I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done my cake was in the oven for about 35 minutes or so. I’ve let it cool for exactly five minutes. I want you to see around here baking sheet which is why it’s important you put your cake on a baking sheet because if anything would have spill over it’ll catch on that and not in your oven. So now after five minutes you take a pie plate or any kind of serving dish it’s got to be one that’s a little bit sort of has like an edge on it so that all the Carm one stuff won’t kind of spill all over the place tap this on don’t worry if you get stuff dirty you to your cookin da da dum da da no it’s nothing like the price is right this is right this is my price for a hard long week okay it’s right however I can’t cut into this just yet because it’s piping hot.

7So what you need to do first of all this is my house right now smells like full like baking goodness it is divine now what you need to do is you need to let this cool for about a half hour to an hour or so or until it has cooled quite a bit so that way it’s not going to fall apart when you cut into it I’m going to let it cool and and we are going to slice and serve my cake cooled for a little over an hour or so but it’s still warm which is you really should eat it.