How to Make Banana Cream Pie

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 12 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 42 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Banana Cream Pie.


  • Granulated Sugar
  • Heavy Cream
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Banana
  • Pre-Made Graham Cracker
  • Caramel Sauce



You need some already made pastry cream and I’ll talk about this in a minute some water granulated sugar, heavy cream, litecoin syrup whipped topping unsalted butter, bananas and a 10-inch pre-made graham cracker crust now this is some. I already bought this just like this at the store but if, you can’t find it just take a cup and a half of crushed graham crackers or you can also use like Maria crackers.I know those are pretty rarely available everywhere so, you can take a cup and a half of that and then just take a stick of butter which is 113 grams roughly half a cup of unsalted butter or room temperature it’s nice and soft mix it press it into a pie have a perfect crust but you know sometimes. I buy them pre-made just because it saves me a little at a time in their own sell really often.


So,when they are just crap grab them up.I have one hand now this pastry cream is the same pastry cream dye use in my strawberry tart recipe. which is the cognac orange pastry cream and you can leave the cognac completely out and it will still be delicious it’s just a really good all-purpose pastry can put it into cream puffs you know you name it and in this case we’re going to put it without burning a cream pie and it’s going to be so good okay.we’re going to make our own caramel sauce for this because as just.when you’ll see how delicious this looks you all understand why we’ll go through the extra step of making ourselves making it ourselves so we need to head over to the stove and get cooking as a pretty big nonstick pan here over a medium low heat and to this.


I’m going to add in the water half a cup of water 3/4 of a cup of regular granulated sugar and a quarter cup of the light corn syrup now the most important part with this is that you do not stir you cannot utensil in here and stir it around Candida it will form like sugar crystals and I’ll be really difficult to work with so,you always just want to swirl you never stir until the sugar dissolves and it comes to a boil now.we’re going to keep this in a medium low heat until the sugar dissolves and it comes up to a boil then.we’re going to turn the heat up to medium-high and let it bubble away for about 10 minutes until it’s like a nice deep amber color and then.we’re going to finish it up now that. we reached a nice amber color I’m going to turn this all the way down to low and very carefully at this point. you want to add in your cream now this is going to seize up a bit but don’t worry it’s all going to come together.


You’ll see just keep mixing this up and so everything is like a really nice smooth sauce then I call the sauces together we’re going to turn the heat off add in our 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter at room temperature really important and a pinch of salt because that’s really going to bring out all the flavors in the caramel sauce stir it to the butter melt and let this cool completely before the next step now that our caramel sauce is completely cold.I sliced the our three bananas peeled and sliced them put them in a large bowl.I’m going to now pour this caramel sauce all over the top of them this is like the best part in my opinion oh my god that was so good.I can’t take it let’s give this a nice stir to make sure all the bananas are mixed with that fabulous caramel sauce and then then.we have that done we’re going to put this this will be like the first layer in our nine-inch graham cracker pie crust.


I’m just going to layer these out you want to make sure they’re all evenly spread out now on top of that you’re going to add your pastry cream and like.I said this is the same pastry cream.I used for my strawberry don’t want to go through troubles of making pastry cream instant vanilla pudding works wonders but it’s not available everywhere in the world so you have a couple options spread that out evenly now on top of that we’re going to put in some whipped topping you can make your own whipped cream if you want or you can buy store-bought whipped cream it doesn’t really matter I buy it just because it makes my life a little easier but if,you want to make your own just go right ahead and do that and that’s really all there is to it now the only thing about this pie that’s a bit of a pan neck is that.


You have to let it wait you have to let it set in the fridge for about three hours so,you can set up otherwise if,you’re going to slice it right now it would a fall apart now.I have guests coming in a little bit which means.I’m not going to have a chance to even get to it before everyone else doesso.I’m going to take a bite right now so,I can describe you guys what this tastes like.I can’t take it. I’m telling you.I just can’t do it so incredible and I have a little bit of everything has a banana the caramel everything it’s gonna be a big one hmm wrap it up. I’m done I’m just so good I am a secret banana pie holic.