Seared Steak with Garlic Balsamic Glaze

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
I’m Going To Show You How I Make My Seared Steak.


  • Steaks
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Bone
  • Fresh Sliced Garlic
  • Thick Seasoning
  • Fresh Chopped Rosemary
  • Butter
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Tomic Vinegar
  • Chilli Powder
  • Onion
  • Cumin
  • Sprinkles



We get started let’s go over the ingredients you’re going to steaks and I’m using some bone in New York Strip lots of fresh sliced garlic, some thick seasoning a little fresh chopped rosemary tiny bit of butter a little vegetable oil, salt, pepper bay stop all Tomic vinegar now for the steaks you can really use any steaks. I’m going to eat steak, I want to eat a good piece of steak that’s my opinion so here’s what I’m going to do I need to get a good sear in these which means the sakes themselves have to be really dry otherwise it’s going to steam but not Sears so see all that you want to just make sure everything is soon for dry.


So, what we’re gonna do next don’t get freaked out don’t worry if, you like steak then I’m gonna get your hands dirty now what I’m going to do is I’m going to season these steaks really well and I’m going to season it with salt and pepper of course and I’m gonna use a little bit of pepper because I’m using six tastings steak seasoning and make sure when you buy steak seasoning that you buy the kind that’s salt free because sometimes some Bland’s or like 50% salt and my time. you’re done like putting as much seasoning as you want and so over-salted you can even eat it so this steak seasoning it’s a blend of well they’re they vary but most of them have some black pepper chili powder, garlic, onion sometimes cumin anything like that so whatever brand you love use that so what I’m going to do is I’m going to sprinkle some on each side of the steak.


I’m going to get some salt too never want to cross-contaminate remember that because my hands have been touching steaks so you can put as much as little as you want if it’s salt free you can put whatever you want but if it’s got salted and you have to be careful.I’ve made that mistake so many times is if I didn’t learn the first time so, now to this I’m going to add in just a little bit of vegetable oil. I’m using vegetable oil because it doesn’t burn as quickly as olive oil does so now that I have those Pat it now this is about a half-inch thick so about 3 to 2 3 minutes on each side it’s going to be perfect for me but you know wood steak it’s all about how you like it medium medium-well well-done so this is over medium-high heat and I’m going to let those cook for about 2 minutes aside.


I’m not going to flip it like,I’m not going to move it around I’m only going to flip it once once it’s down the second side.we’ll finish it off my steaks are cooked and don’t worry if a little the steak seasoning six-two it to the skillet because trust me that’s gonna end up being that good flavor okay cover it take your steaks off cover them to keep them warm and continue on with the sauce. I’m going to put in just a tiny tiny bit more of vegetable oil in there and all my garlic and with my wooden spoon I’m just scraping off any bits that are stuck to the pan because that is just so much good flavor I don’t want to lose it so.

5I’m going to do is cook my garlic for about not a minute or so or until it starts to develop color and then it becomes really fragrant add in my beef sauce yeah add a little bit of the thyme smells so,so good now I’m going to do and it seems like a lot but this is going to reduce I’m going to let this cook for about a couple minutes or until it’s reduced by half and then we’ll finish it off now that the beef stock has reduced we’re going to add in the rest of our ingredients which is the rosemary the balsamic hence balsamic glaze and it smells so good and butter now the butter it kind of makes it glisten makes it kind of a little bit more rich obviously and it kind of brings the whole thing together now.


I’m going to do is let it let this bubble away until again it reduces just a little bit and then we’re going to serve it up any Mike Lai’s is done and look how thick and gorgeous that is oh look at that if,you could smell this glaze you would be in heaven a fork no I’ll be right back ready for action I’m going for this piece I want some garlic I want some sauce oh yeah amantha is watering right now mMmmm you can do the same recipe with pork chops chicken breasts I won’t say with fish because it’s a little bit too much for fish but for me oh this is perfect I’m going in for another bite now if you want to know how to make this if you want the recipe for today go to WWE and the kitchen calm I’m gonna go eat.