Baking Powder Biscuits Recipe

Prepare time: 20 min
Cook: 20 min
Ready in: 40 min

Today I’m going to be making some baking powder biscuits.


  • Two Cups Of Flour
  • Two Teaspoons Of Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Of Salt
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Little Vinegar
  • Jam


1I’m just using all-purpose flour one oops – and then we’ve got two teaspoons of baking powder 1/2, and then we’ve got 1/2, teaspoon of salt, sort of guesstimate that one pill too much okay half teaspoon salt and then you’re supposed to sift this together just so you get light and fluffy biscuits but I never do that but if you want to be a biscuit purist you could.

2Sift all this stuff together get a good mix I’m just going to give it a good stir and combine it up a little bit all right next thing I’ve got 4 tablespoons of butter I just use the markings on side of the butter to measure that this is straight out of the fridge, so it’s nice and cold we need some cold butter because we’re going to cut it into the flour mixture plus you’re going I just use my pastry cutter this thing’s so old it keeps bending so I’m just going to put it off Twista fix it there we go so just sort of cover the butter and some flour and sort of work out it’s going to take a minute to get it going keep stirring it around the flour to coat the cut cut butter with flour.

3You just keep blending it in until you get kind of like a small peas sized pieces of butter just want to evenly distribute it through it’ll be a little chunky here we go the next step is to add the milk now take a fork and the recipe calls for about 3/4 of a cup of milk, you might have to adjust that a little bit so just make sure you add it slowly because it might not take the whole 3/4 then again it might take a little more just depends on on your flour and who knows what else the temperature in the room I don’t know sometimes it doesn’t make quick need quite so much milk you’re trying to form a ball just get the sticky enough to be able to form a ball so you can dump it onto your floured surface to work the dough a little bit just.

4Might take pretty much the whole 3/4 cup, okay this looks like I’ve got a good amount of milk in here so that should be able to stick to a ball let me see here yeah it feels good so I’m just going to scrape the rest of this out here and I’m going to put the dough get a host of it out here okay I’m going to put the dough over here on this floured surface it’s just my counter.

5I’ve cleaned it out a little vinegar and water spray and then I like to use to clean my counter and we’re not going to work this dough too much and not really kneading it’s more like folding it over. I only do it like maybe five or six times that’s three four five six and that should be pretty good make sure you always keep enough flour engineer need a little bit more, and I’m just going to take my rolling pin some flour on the rolling pan sit on the stick.

6I can stick into my fingers there and just roll it out into a circular shape I like to leave the dough about a half-inch thick so I have good thick biscuits I try to keep it in a rounded shape and I like to cut the most I can out of just one rolling try and I put my I want to say cookie cutter biscuit cutter as close together as possible to get as much out of the one roll so you don’t have to keep reworking the dough because the less you work it the fluffier your biscuits are going to be looks like a good nice thick biscuit so I’m going to leave it, but with that and for a biscuit cutter I’m just going to grab a glass this one this one looks like a good size such a little sneaky way cut biscuits and flour on there.

7I’ll get my pan I like my cupboard these are my air bake pans so here I’m going to cut my biscuit dough so I scoot it down comes out real good and I’m just going to lay them across the biscuit pan nice and close together and I’ve preheated my oven to 400 degrees so the but time I’m finished making these biscuits the oven should be heated up. Ready to bake okay I’ve cut on someone by biscuit say the first roll out I got about six or seven biscuits and I rolled it out again and got a couple more so now I have just this little bit of biscuit dough left.

8I’m probably just going to squeeze it together and roll it out like that and I could make one big biscuit but I think I’ll just cut it in half and make two funky-looking biscuits it all tastes the same I’ll throw it on the tray if you want to be really lazy you could just shape your biscuit dough into a rectangle about half-inch thick like that and cook the whole thing at once and then cut it when you’re done but it’s just as easy to cut out little biscuits with a glass so there you have it I got what two four six eight ten and two funny biscuits out of that recipe.

9So I’m going to cook it but 400 degrees and I’ll show you when they’re done okay my biscuits are done and ready to take him out of the oven oh boy you look good here we go I had set the oven for 400 degrees when I preheated it but I think they should have been it should have been up to 425 because he’s had a little bit of trouble browning.

10I had to put the broiler on just to give him a brown on the top at the end so I think 425 would be a better temperature to bake these out here we go let’s just cut one of these puppies open to you how they look so good got my butter ready there you go a split split really nice just take a pad of butter let that melt on there aren’t nothing better than that these are going to go good with the turkey soup I just made dip them in there and I’ll probably have a couple more for dessert with some jam on it there you go give them a little taste here hot very good the crispy on the bottom and on the top and nice and fluffy in the middle America there you have it baking powder biscuits.