Roasted Zuchini Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 40 mins
Ready in: 50 mins

I’m Gonna Show How To Make Roasted Zucchini And Cherry Tomatoes.


  • Some Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Some Fresh Zucchini
  • Some Fresh Garlic
  • Extra Virgin Oil
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Veggies



You need you need some cherry tomatoes some fresh zucchini some fresh garlic salt pepper extra virgin olive oil and of course Parmesan cheese.we go when you put the parmesan all over the top of the veggies it forms almost like a crust the Parmesan crust and I cannot tell you how good it is I oh my gosh oh my god if you kids don’t like vegetables compromise on cheese stick them in the oven and then let me know what they think cuz I guarantee it and I love it okay so here’s your pump you here’s your own zucchini put in one more I love this and I love the leftovers I take any leftovers of this and put them in between um pieces of bread for really nice veggie CUA – or over trampled eggs or in an omelet over egg whites some good so good I’ve only gone with three zucchinis in this one because they’re really big so now.


I’m going to put in some cherry tomatoes.I’m not cutting out putting them whole because they’re gonna get roasted but not overly done so big star be whole when you pop on your mouth the other juices squeeze right out so good so good now.I’m gonna put in my garlic giving it a rough chop go nothing to fine that’s my oven telling me it’s ready or my garlic not to be too small else it will burn okay let’s season it salt pepper if,your headphones on and you can substitute another um cheat lick that made me a pecorino or even you could do some feta or even some feta over the top be lovely oh so good is anything but cheese baked in the oven is just just about perfect so,we have our tomatoes and we have our zucchini and the garlic and the seasoning all in so now I’m gonna take my clean hands and give it just just really gentle toss we go my ovens nice and hot and don’t wash my hands and get my baking sheet baking sheet nice and hot.


We’re gonna add in our vegetable if,you’re not that’s exactly what you want to hear that just means that the baking sheet was ready for you we go perfect perfect now for the best part make sure everything is in one layer so,I’m thinking roast is instead of steaming here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to take your microplane and a baked block of parmesan if, you don’t have a whole bubble parmesan you can just buy the grated one or if you have the great one on hand just use that.


I’m just going to do this until all my vegetables are covered the data looks amazing or what look at that you just know this is gonna be perfect red white and green like the Italian flag you guys check it out you know something is going to be good when it looks good before it’s even cooked yeah cover it with the parmesan here we go and we’re going to pop this into the oven for 25 15 to 20 minutes yeah here we go my veggies are perfect I turn the broiler on for the last I would say two minutes look at that they’re covered and cheese and it’s so good.

I’ll guarantee you will change your mind in a heartbeat you don’t have to turn your broiler on but I just wanted to make sure mine was getting nice and brown at the top you know Alvin is very all different kinds you know some get hotter hotter than others at the same temperature just keep an eye on them here we go on the platter now here’s what you do you take a big bunch of basil you put it right over the top look at that I mean that is amazing I mean I can’t I can’t tell you enough and how delicious this is serve this with a Brazil I mean for a perfect meal perfect absolutely perfect serve this with your Brazil serve it.