Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies Recipe

Prepare time: 45 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 30 mins

Today We’re Cooking With Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies.


  • Little Smokies Tastiest Appetizer
  • Some Toothpicks
  • Brown Sugar
  • Little Cocktail Wienies
  • Bacon
  • Little Bit Of Aluminum Foil
  • Baking Tray With Parchment Paper
  • Little Cocktail Wienies
  • Barbecue Sauce


1We are going to make is bacon wrap little Smokies tastiest appetizer. we’re going to use today about a 16-ounce package in little Smokies some brown
sugar some toothpicks that have been sitting in water that way they won’t catch on fire while they’re in your oven.

2Fire in your oven is a bad thing and then the best food in the world is bacon okay so now we’re ready to assemble what I’ve done is I’ve cut my bacon
into three even pieces. I’m going to take a piece of bacon dredge it into the brown sugar get it nice and coated.

3We’re going to take one little cocktail wienies and wrap that bacon all the way around it. Take one of our toothpicks so that the bacon doesn’t come on wrapped send it through and then put it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper so let me finish the rest of these up.

4We will come back and put these in the oven okay so we’ve wrapped all of the weenies and bacon put them on to a baking tray with parchment paper and a little bit of aluminum foil underneath because they are going to leak quite a bit and then what you can do is if you have some excess brown sugar.

5Just sprinkle it over the top it doesn’t have to be perfect because they’re already coated with brown sugar and then what we’re going to do is we are then going to put this right into an oven the oven is going to be 325 degrees and you’re going to bake these for about 40 minutes you want to make sure that all the bacon is nice and crispy so about 40 minutes.

6You can’t actually go inside and turn at about halfway and let the bottom side get done. Put these in the oven and then we’ll see you back in about 40 minutes so after you get those into the oven you’re going to have a little bit of extra bacon left over and what I generally do is just fry it up.

7Then rough chop it and what I’ll do is I’ll make like a barbecue sauce or some kind of sauce and just put this crumbled up bacon inside for dipping it’s just one good way not to waste this bacon because you should never waste bacon bacon should never get thrown out or put back on the refrigerator it’s just a catastrophe.

8So once I chop this up I’m just going to heat up some barbecue sauce throw this inside the barbecue sauce, and we’ll be good to go all right so they’re fresh out of the oven as you can see brown sugar is melted.

8They’re nice and crispy we’re going to let these cool for a couple of minutes and then we’re going to dig in. So we’ll be right back okay so we have them all plated up and they look freaking fantabulous. This is going to be one of the tastiest things I’ve ever done so let’s take a taste.