Bacon Wrapped Green Beans Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 20 min
Ready in: 35 min

We’re cooking some grilled shrimp.


  • Some Green Beans
  • Boilng Water
  • Salt
  • Some Ice Cubes
  • Low Sodium Bacon
  • Sinner Bacon


1I want to start on them so we’re making some green beans and I’m gonna um bleep him and then I’m gonna wrap them and make them and bake them and uh I’ve got some beautiful green beans they’re whole green beans I’m gonna keep them all like this and I’ve got a big pot of water boiling the water already boiling i season it with a little salt.

2I’m gonna put these in there and I’m only gonna cook them for one about one and a half to two minutes just enough to blanch that’s what blanching is just only for a short period of time and then we’re gonna drain them and cool them that out so I can work with them okay then two minutes they’ve been boiling.

3I’m gonna go over to the tank wanna stop the cooking process boys they’ll get to limp but they feel tender enough and set some some more cold water in them stick some ice cubes on top just to keep them cooling down, and then I’m gonna do some other things I’ve got the green beans cool down.

4We’re gonna see how this place them on the pan just like that so these are gonna be a little bacon green bean bundles what do you think mine pretty
good you’ve never had this before did you never do you never had we never even cooked it before no this is first time you want to be shared and gets a sinner bacon not the real thick cut bacon cuz you want it to be able to move easier all right this’ll take me about 10 minutes.

5I’ll come back and put them in the oven I got these all wrapped up I think I have 16 here I’m gonna put some Tony’s Creole season on these just to
season them up because that only has that water don’t these look great I’m gonna put these in the oven.