Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe

Ready in: 45 min

Today we’re gonna make yet another appetizer and that’s how to make Bacon-Wrapped Dates.


  • Bacon
  • Dates
  • One Or Two Almonds
  • Aluminum Foil


1We’re gonna need bacon so here we have a whole strip of bacon and we’re just gonna cut it in half and we’re gonna do this with every single strip of bacon that we’re gonna use these are the dates that we’re gonna use these are pitted so there’s nothing inside.

2So right through the whole of that date we’re gonna add one to two almonds depending of how you want them and now all we have to do is rap each date with a piece of bacon to help the bacons stay in place we’re gonna put a toothpick right through it and this is also gonna help people grab the appetizer with their hands then.

3We’re gonna place each bacon-wrapped date on a baking sheet I’d like to line mine with aluminum foil and then we’re gonna bake them at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes and just make sure you flip them over halfway through so that they’re crispy on both sides and there you have it that’s your recipe for making bacon-wrapped dates.